Hyper-V Server “8” Beta available for download

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I know what you are thinking when you read this title: “Ben! You posted about the Windows Server “8” beta being available for download yesterday!  This is just a repeat!”

But no!

Today I am not talking about Windows Server “8” – but the free Hyper-V Server, which has also been updated and has a beta available for download now.  You can get it from here:


(after filling out a registration form)


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  • Hi Ben

    I keep getting a fatal error at the end of the download saying the downloaded ISO is corrupt. I've tried downloading it twice over to no avail. Have you heard of similar problems? I'm eager to test the new free Hyper-V Server. I have downloaded the full Server "8" VHD already but I'm very curious about the changes in Hyper-V Server "8".



  • NickD -

    Just downloaded it again myself, and it worked fine.  I do not know why it is not working for you.



  • Is there a datasheet/whitepaper/overview available on the new features in Hyper-V Server 8?  The only documentation I saw on the Hyper-V Server homepage references 2008R2.

  • @Tony:

    Look for WS8 Beta Hyper-V White Paper.pdf.

    75 pages talking about the new good stuff.

  • The remote management services fails to start on server. I'd really like to test the new version of hyper-v core.

    Ben, does the hvremote script still work on Hyper-V Server 8 Core?

  • Hi Ben, I'm new to Hyper-V.

    I've successfully downloaded and installed the 'Hyper-V Server “8” Beta', but it just gives you the 'core' shell.

    It gives no clue on the how to remotely manage it from a PC.

    Can I use the 2008-R2 Hyper-V manager?

    Or do I need to use the manager in Windows 8 CTP?

    Or what?

  • The URL may be misspelled or the page you're looking for is no longer available.

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Hyper-V Server “8” Beta available for download