Installing the Remote Management Tools for Windows 8 Hyper-V

Installing the Remote Management Tools for Windows 8 Hyper-V

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If you want to manage your Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V Server from a Windows 8 desktop computer – you may think that you need to install the Remote Server Administration Toolkit (which you can download here) but that is not what you need to do.

Because Hyper-V is now part of the desktop version of Windows, the Hyper-V management tools are always available through the Windows Features dialog:


Note, even if your computer cannot run Hyper-V (if your processor does not support hardware virtualization, or you are running the 32-bit version of Windows) you can still enable the Hyper-V Management Tools here.


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  • Ben, do you know if the Hyper-V Manager in Windows 8 will allow management of previous versions of Hyper-V at release? It currently doesn't in the Consumer Preview, which is a major inconvenience in using Windows 8 as a primary OS.

  • Jeff -

    No, it doesn't.  I have a blog post coming on this shortly.



  • Hi,

    Thanks for relevant and interesting article. Please tell me if there's any necessity to install other remote management tools like for example

    Can I manage my devices with your tool or I can manage only one device with this?


  • Hi Ben, did you end up writing the follow up blog you mentioned? I've just gone through the pain of HVRemote only to then discover I can't manage my W2K8R2 server from Win8 client!

  • Any news on how to manage Server 2008 R2 hyper-v from Windows 8, aside from installing a Windows 7 VM on Windows 8, installing the RSAT on it and then connecting to the Win7 VM?


  • Suppose I want to remotely manage VMs running Win 8 pro.  From another machine, I try to connect to the Win 8 server, but get the error message:

    "An error occurred while trying to connect to FOO.  Check that the Virtual Machine Management Service is running and that you are authorized to connect to the server.  

    You do not have the required permission to complete this task"

    So, I'm guessing this is a permission problem...  how do I grant permission to do this?

  • Hi Jeff,

    there is a way to install (or activate) the Remote FX over a Windows 8 (Enterprise) desktop? Everything I found about Remote FX is for Windows Server.


  • Is there instructions how to setup remote management Hyper-V Server 2012 from Windows 8 without adding them to domain?

    I tried all that I found, could connect MMC to remote Hyper-V server but still get error using Hyper-V console - "RPC-server not available"

    Please advise!

  • What if the HV2012 and Win8 remote management client are in different workgroups and not in domains, is there more to this?

  • Any update on this? Two weeks away from Win 8 hitting retail and I'd like to be able to manage my Hyper-V Server 2008 from Win 8.


  • Hi Ben!

    Any news about menage hyper-V server 2008R2 from windows 8?

    Thanks in advance!



  • Guys, Ben says in the 2nd post that you can't manage HyperV Server 2012 with Windows 8.  You have to use a Server 2012 VM or a Windows 7 VM/pc to manage it.  This goes for Server 2012 with HyperV also.

  • CORRECTION:  You can't manage HyperV Server 2008 R2 with Windows 8.  You have to use a Server 2008 R2 VM or a Windows 7 VM/pc to manage it.  This goes for Server 2008 R2 with HyperV also.

    Sorry for the typo!  Thanks to my buddy Mike R for noticing the error!

  • Hi

    I am looking to switch out of ESXI, but I can't seem to find an iOS app that allow me to manage my Hyper-V test server.  Does an app exist for Windows phones?  

    Thank you

  • Why bother, Hyper-V manager for Windows 8.1 is not backwards compatible. I this point I'd like to throw all the 4 letter words I know at the MS Software Engineers who should have their licenses revoked.

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