Windows Server Posters–in an App!

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It seems like all I am talking about right now is our posters – but this is too cool to not mention.  Hopefully, as a reader of my blog you are well familiar with the highly detailed Windows Server architectural posters that we have been releasing over the last couple of years.  Well – you can now get these all on your computer as a Windows 8 application:


The Server Posterpedia (you can grab it from the Windows Store or from here: includes all the posters we have ever released in an easy to navigate and use manner.  We have also put up a short video demo of what this app looks like in action here:

One final note – if you are using this on a touch device, you can use pinch and zoom to jump into all of the details.  If you are on a mouse-and-keyboard computer – you can use ctrl + mouse wheel to zoom in and out on each of the posters.


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  • Any idea when the server 2012 posters come out!

    The hyper v one is brilliant!

  • Good One.

  • Hi, this app looks fantastic. I've tried to install it, but there is no install button in the Windows 8 Store. Is it only available in the US? I'm in NZ.

    Great work!

  • It seems in cant zoom in & the text is unreadable if you are using a laptop

    may be it will look ok on a large screen .

  • Have installed these and am sure they'd be great as big, printed posters... but I think the requirement can be better-met with a rich online exploration of the topics, using simple animations and links between topics. If I had the time, I'd have a go at creating a Prezi-type zoomable space around these topics to illustrate what I mean. Maybe someone closer to the Microsoft tech communication world could do this with the next set of technologies?

  • So, these "server posters" are basically just some large images that could be distributed as png or svg files. Instead, if I want to see them I need to install an app that serves no purpose but to view only these images?


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Windows Server Posters–in an App!