Converting a VHD to a VHDX

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In Windows Server 2012 / Windows 8 we have introduced a new virtual hard disk format called “VHDX”.  There are a number of advantages to this format:

  • Support for greater than 2TB disks
  • Better performance for dynamic and differencing disks
  • Better handling of different disk sector sizes
  • And more…

But what if you have a collection of VHD files?  Luckily, converting to a VHDX format is simple (though potentially time consuming).  To do this – all you need to do is:

  • Open the Hyper-V Manager
  • Select Edit Disk… from the action pane (or from the Action menu)
  • Click Next to get past the introduction page of the Edit Virtual Disk Wizard
  • Enter the name and location of your existing VHD file on the Location page and click Next
  • On the Choose Action page select Convert and then click Next
  • On the Choose Disk Format page select VHDX and click Next
  • Complete the rest of the wizard and select the options you want

This will then create a new VHDX file that is a copy of your existing virtual hard disk.  You can actually use the same process to convert a VHDX file back to a VHD file (if you needed to move it to an earlier version of Windows).


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  • The current command line tool VHDtool.exe is excellent for only VHD.

    Is a VHDx tool in the pipeline?

    VHD tool is an unmanaged code command-line tool which provides useful VHD manipulation functions including instant creation of large fixed-size VHDs



  • is there any way to script this in PowerShell, in order to convert a collection? Thanks!

  • Sorry I didn't see the other post about powershell. I'm following you through RSS reader and didn't receive this post until now, and I just realize that there's also another newer post on the topic I was asking!

  • Backup - Windows 2008 native backup (either file or block level) had a 2TB limit.

    Do we still have to limit these Volumes to 2TB if we use native Windows server backup?

    VHDX is going to have some very large volumes created.

  • Johnbade-outback -

    VHDTool is an unsupported tool that one of the Hyper-V developers made in their spare time.  I do not know if there are any plans to update it.



  • Here is a link to my article I wrote up over last weekend on the conversion. I also included how to do it in VMM 2012 SP1 (beta). Thanks for powershell info! I will piggyback onto your blog for Powershell :)

  • What does the convert do when the source VHD have an error? Leave it the source in original state or crash the source VHD file?

  • "•And more…" obviously includes "completely incompatible with VHD and Windows 7 VHD support." I got a client's PC image from a server that survived a bulding fire here on a Windows 7 box and need to get data out of it. Of course, that's impossible. I long for the days where backwards compatibility was still important to MS. Read-only access would've been nice. :(

  • Can a .VHD file be used directly in Windows 8 Hyper-V? (without having to convert?)

    I'm thinking about getting a new laptop, and they mostly come with Windows 8 now.

    I'd love the ability to keep a .vhd file on a removable drive and use it both at work (Windows 7 host) and at home (Windows 8 host) without needing to convert.  Is this possible?

  • To answer JCDrumKing, yes.

    VHD can be read natively by Win8


  • when converting back down to VHD for azure migration if I didn't specify .vhd in the file extension no conversion actually occurred, it just copied the disk. Have you seen this before?

  • Have a look at this converter: it will convert VHD to VHDX in a fraction of a second, regardless of the size!

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Converting a VHD to a VHDX