Convert-WindowsImage Script

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In the past I have pointed out the excellent WIM2VHD tool, that allows you to take Windows installation media and create template virtual machines without ever starting a virtual machine.  There is now an updated version of this script that takes advantage of the new PowerShell functionality in Windows Server 2012.  The result is that this new script is more reliable and robust, and has far fewer dependencies.

The new script is called "Convert-WindowsImage.ps1" and you can download it from here:


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  • Great tool, can you perhaps recommend a script, procedure to patch these VHDs offline, doing so individually with DISM takes quite a bit of time (perhaps I'm doing it wrong). We don't have SCCM so VMST is not an option.

    I've seen is there anything else similar, if it can pull the approved updates from WSUS would be great.

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Convert-WindowsImage Script