Windows Backup and Hyper-V in Server 2012

Windows Backup and Hyper-V in Server 2012

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Here is something new in Windows Server 2012 that I have not seen much discussion of yet:  Windows Server backup now has native support for Hyper-V:


What this means is that:

  • You no longer need to do anything special to backup Hyper-V (i.e. you no longer need to do this)
  • You can use Windows Server Backup to backup individual virtual machines (shown in the screenshot above)


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  • Hi,

    Is possible to backup (in the same way) of Hyper-V Server 2012 (core) remotely from Windows Server 2012?

  • It's a great feature that's prooving very useful to us in the SMB sector as it provides simpler restoration of a host and its guests.

    Now if only they could solve the error you get when adding destination discs without all the others being plugged in :(

  • Cool! Do you know if/how this works with a Hyper-V cluster?

  • do you have the syntax for using wbadmin to perform virtual machine backup in Windows Server 2012

  • Hyper-v can mirror a VHDX . Can we backup the original? And the mirror, can we backup the mirror on the remote location?

  • During today's VSS snapshot creation I got a message:

    COM call "lvssObject4->GetRootAndLogicalPrefixPaths" failed.

  • Hi All,

    Thanks for all the questions!

    I have just posted how to do this from the command-line with WBAdmin:

    I will try and do posts about core, cluster, replica and backup shortly.



  • What if the Hyper-V host dies?  Can I install Hyper-V on another host and restore this VM with all of its settings?

  • On the Hyper-V host must I include the drive with the VHD files? Or needn't I because Windows Server Backup is making backup automaticly? Or is Server Backup just saving the meta Information of the Virtual Machines like the export function?

  • I think it doesn't support VMs hosted on CSVs

  • Upgraded to 2012 R2 and 90% of all the machines only do a offline backup after inplace upgrade :/

  • Same for me, after upgrade to R2 this great feature is gone for good :(

  • A quick question,

    When I get backup from all VMs, it creates a big file (not 5 small files for each VM).

    How does the system know which one to recover if i want to recover only one VM of of that big file?

  • I also found after importing Windows Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V virtual machines into Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V that I was only able to perform offline backups.

    I was able to perform an online backup only after deleting the virtual machine and creating a new one with the same settings and reusing the virtual hard drives.

    After this is complete, verify that the latest integration components are installed and then check Windows Server Backup.  You should then be able to perform an online backup.

    One other issue to check that I've seen in other threads.  Be sure there's a SCSI adapter attached to the guest virtual machine.  The Server 2012 R2 backup needs a SCSI adapter to add the virtual drive it backs up to.

  • On win svr 2012 I get the error "COM call "lvssObject4->GetRootAndLogicalPrefixPaths" failed" right after a create in Diskshadow. This ONLY happen on a 2012 server.

    Windows 2K8R2 - no error.

    There is little to no information on this error that pertains to windows 2012 (Mostly a bunch of questions "has anyone seen this error?" variety) Or it pertains to Win2003.  

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