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August, 2013

  • Ben Armstrong

    Keeping VM Configurations in Sync with Hyper-V Replica

    Yesterday I posted about my new home setup , which makes heavy use of Hyper-V Replica. When you first setup Hyper-V Replica for a virtual machine – we copy the virtual machine configuration and storage from the primary server to the replica server. From...
  • Ben Armstrong

    Hyper-V in my House - 2013

    A while ago I talked about how I was using Hyper-V in my house . These days I have a quite different configuration in place. I updated my household deployment immediately after Windows Server 2012 was released. I had a couple of goals with my new architecture...
  • Ben Armstrong

    Bulk Registering Virtual Machines with PowerShell

    I recently rebuilt a Hyper-V server – where all of my virtual machines were shutdown first and stored on a secondary disk.  Once I had finished installing the operating system and had Hyper-V up and running – I wondered what the most efficient way...
  • Ben Armstrong

    Hyper-V WMI v2 Porting Guide

    I have been getting more and more questions about how to use the Hyper-V v2 WMI namespace recently – so I have just created a TechNet Wiki article that links to a number of samples / documentation pages about how to do this.  You can get all the...
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