Online VHDX Resize with SCVMM 2012 R2

Online VHDX Resize with SCVMM 2012 R2

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Yesterday I discussed how to expand the size of a virtual hard disk on a running virtual machine.  You can also do this with System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012 R2.  To do this you need to:

  1. Open Properties on the virtual machine in question
  2. Go to Hardware Configuration
  3. Locate the disk you want to resize
  4. Select Expand virtual hard disk (GB): and enter the new size that you want
  5. Click OK


You can also use SCVMM PowerShell to do the same thing:

Get-SCVirtualMachine "Windows Server - Resize" | Get-SCVirtualDiskDrive | ?{$_.VirtualHardDisk -like "Windows Server - Resize_disk_1"} | Expand-SCVirtualDiskDrive -VirtualHardDiskSizeGB 140

Note, just like I discussed yesterday:

  • You can only do this for .VHDX files attached to SCSI controllers
  • After doing this you will need to login to the guest operating system and do something to take advantage of the new space


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  • Hi Ben, why only expand and not shrink available in the VMM ?  It would be beneficial to show on a gen2 VM where you can do this on a system drive also :-)



  • After expanding with SCVMM don't forget to extend the disk with the Disk Management MMC in Windows :-)

  • Hi Ben,

    I am using SCVMM R2, but Hyper-V is still on 2012 and unable to expand online. It is fair to assume that we must upgrade Hyper-V to 2012 R2 before this will work? Please advise.



  • Ron -

    Correct, you need to have Hyper-V 2012 R2 in order to do this.



  • Is it possible to shrink a virtual hard drive (.vhdx) using VMM 2012 and Windows Server 2012 (both are not R2) with the VM not running?

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