Exporting a running virtual machine

Exporting a running virtual machine

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One of the small features that we added in Windows 8.1 / Windows Server 2012 R2 is the ability to export a virtual machine that is currently running.  Using this feature is simple enough, just select a running virtual machine and choose to export it.  Here you can see that my MineCraft Server is running while being exported, and I can export other running virtual machines too.


When you export a running virtual machine – you will get a copy of the virtual machine in a saved state, at exactly the point in time that you asked for an export.  You can also export checkpoints from a running virtual machine.


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  • Hi Ben,

    This is useful. Is it possible to script this and run it on a schedule I wonder?

  • Yes, you can use:

    - Getting list of machines:

     Get-VM | Export-VM -Path F:\Backup

    - Exporting machine:

     Export-VM -Name DC1 -Path F:\Backup

  • Hi Ben,

    It's worth noting that you can only export running virtual machines if you are going Intel-Intel or AMD-AMD.

    If you want to go Intel-AMD (or vice-versa) you need to shut down the virtual machine before exporting.  Still, very cool that you can even do that in my opinion.

  • Hi Everyone

    I created a new guest on Hyper-V but the NIC drivers were not installed, The host server is Dell R710.

    Any help will be appreciated.

    Thank you


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