Listing all the IP Addresses used by VMs

Listing all the IP Addresses used by VMs

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Here is a neat little snippet of PowerShell:

Get-VM | ?{$_.State -eq "Running"} |  Get-VMNetworkAdapter | Select VMName, IPAddresses

If you run this on a Hyper-V Server it will give you a listing of all the IP addresses that are assigned to running virtual machines:


This works whether you are using DHCP or Static IP addresses – and can really help when you are trying to track down a rogue virtual machine.


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  • Great little tip, Ben. And modifying it by adding -ComputerName to the initial Get-VM command lets you run it against remote hosts.

  • Ben, is there a way to start and connect to VM from rootOS using Powershell?

  • i tried same command it is showing name but it is not showing ip address of virtual machines running. why is that.

  • This doesn't work if the VM is a generation1 VM

  • Sorry but this doesn't do anything.  No errors, no output, just does nothing.  The problem seems to be get-vm doesn't work unless you are in an elevated powershell.  However, at that point you only get the machine list, there are no IPs listed.  I'm guessing this is a bug or change was introduced since the guests show their IPs just fine in the Hyper-V Manager.  Too bad MAC and IP are not columns you can show in the VM list.

  • Ebonweaver -

    I would recommend that you review this article:

  • Why are no IP addresses for W10 (Pro) VMs shown in the generated list from this script - all other O/S VMs DO show their IP address in the generated list? (Helpful script up until this ommision!) This is also the case in the Hyper-V Manager GUI as well - no IP addresses are listed for any W10 VMs in the Networking tab?? (Using W2012R2 Hyper-V Manager)

  • Karen -

    This works for me with W10 guests.  What host are you running?

  • We're using  2012R2 hypervisors - your script omits the IP addresses for the W10 VMS, and the Hyper-V Manager also omits displaying any IP addresses for the guest W10 VMs. The W10 guests are working just fine, full network and VPN access - but I have no way to see their IP address outside of the guest OS. Frustrating...and strange.

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