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May, 2014

  • Ben Armstrong

    Gathering Recent Events for a Specific VM

    Imagine this scenario: you login to one of your Hyper-V servers and find that something has gone wrong with a virtual machine.  Maybe the guest operating system is not responding, maybe it is running slower than expected, maybe something else has...
  • Ben Armstrong

    Quickly Recovering Replication on Hyper-V

    Two weeks ago , I had to recover from a sizable power outage. When this happened, my first priority was to make sure that all of my virtual machines were running well. Once I had done this, my next goal was to get Hyper-V Replica back up and running ...
  • Ben Armstrong

    Hyper-V Replica to the Rescue!

    Power outages are not infrequent where I live (something I find quite confounding – to be honest) and earlier this week we had an extended power outage and my Hyper-V servers were powered off uncleanly.  When the power returned I had to sit down...
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