Ubuntu 14.04 in a Generation 2 VM

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Recently, Canonical released Ubuntu 14.04.  This is the first Linux release to support running inside of a Generation 2 virtual machine.  To get this working in your environment, you need to have Windows 8.1 or Windows Server 2012 R2 installed.  Then you need to download an installation ISO from http://www.ubuntu.com/download.

You can download the Desktop or Server versions of 14.04, just make sure that you get the 64-bit versions.

Once you have done this – create a new Generation 2 virtual machine and configure it the way you want it.  Before you start the installation you will need to go into the virtual machine settings, change to the Firmware settings page and uncheck Enable Secure Boot.


You can then boot from the ISO image and select to Install Ubuntu.


The installation process is quite simple, and there are no tricks / special options to get it running well under Hyper-V.  I even noticed that dynamic memory was active during the installation process!

Soon you will be done - and you will have an Ubuntu Generation 2 virtual machine, with all the cool features (like dynamic memory, online backup and more) already enabled and ready to go:



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  • And we have now RHEL 7 Generation 2. Neat!

  • Does Live Backup work with Ubuntu 14.04 Gen2 VMs?

  • Trying to install Ubuntu 14.04 on 8.1 Hyper-V version 6.3.   My setting tab does not have a "Firmware" option. In its place is a "Bios" tab which give the boot order. Don't know how to make it boot from the Ubuntu ISO.

  • Great write-up. Unfortunately, could not get networking to function within Ubuntu.  On top of that, my ethernet connection died. Ah, well, back to Virtualbox.

  • Thanks - this really worked well for me.

  • Is it possible to get it to support a resolution higher than 1152x864?

  • Would i be able to install this on Win2k12 Server NOT  (Win2k12 R2) ?

    Thank you.

  • i know this is long shot, but is it possible to install a version of Hyper-V via Ubuntu x32 Desktop?

  • I am working with Windows 10 Tech Preview and attempting to install Ubuntu 14.10.1 LTS in a a Gen 2 VM, but I have a problem or two...

    1) Shutdowns don't actually shutdown, they sort of just hang right before shutting down. The Ubuntu "Xylon Lights" just keep going, and going, and going. after 5 minutes, I decided something was wrong, so I forced it.

    2) No networking - I have an External Switch defined and connected the LAN adapter to the switch, but no connectivity.

    Before the install the OS I deselected the "Enable Secure Boot" option in the VM firmware.

    Any thoughts? Thanks!

  • @walkingby

    The reason you see "BIOS" instead of "Firmware" is because you created a generation 1 VM.  Create a new VM and select generation 2 and you will see "Firmware".

  • @Ken

    Were you able to resolve your connectivity issue?  I have the same problem...

  • Seriously, how the heck do you change the resolution of the VM.  I'm running Win 8.1 Pro and Ubuntu desktop 64 bit 14.10.  The only resolution option is 1152x864.   I've tried the hacks where you put video=hyperv_fb:XXXXxYYYY in grub, but that doesn't seem to do a damn thing?

    I really want to use Hyper-V because of Visual Studio and Windows Phone 8 needing Hyper-V for the emulator, but damn, VirtualBox just seems so much more flexible.

  • We had an issue that when choosing SCSI ID 10 for the ISO DVD drive, the Ubuntu server installer would not detect the DVD drive from within the installer.

    Placing the SCSI ID for the DVD/ISO to 1 did the trick.. so my guess no high SCSI ID's can be used

  • Does Hyper-V on Windows Server 2008 support Ubuntu 2014.04 x64?

  • I was also wondering about resolution issues.

    If you are monitoring the Virtual Machines in Hyper-V Manager, then you'll be limited to some very odd screen resolutions.

    The answer is to log in to your VM via RDP from a normal host - then you'll get the native screen res.

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Ubuntu 14.04 in a Generation 2 VM