What version of Linux Supports what in Hyper-V?

What version of Linux Supports what in Hyper-V?

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We have been doing a lot of work to increase the functionality of Linux on top of Hyper-V, and we have been contributing the necessary changes directly to the main Linux source.  While this is all good – it has caused confusion for some people as they are trying to figure out which versions of Linux support which features on Hyper-V.

Thankfully – our documentation team have been busy putting together some awesome guidance here.

First there is the “Feature Descriptions for Linux virtual machines on Hyper-V” page – that explains all the features and options that are available.

Second – there are pages for a number of the major Linux variants:

Each of these pages tell you exactly what features are supported in what versions.  Very helpful!


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  • And the one thing thats should be done is a frequent update to scvmm to 'Operating SYstem' fields. And , please God, make this field in alphabetical order ;)

  • Can you please clarify; Server 2012 R2 is listed as supporting CentOS 6.5 and that CentOS 6.5 includes integration services, yet Hyper-V 2012 R2 with CentOS 6.5 networking tab reports that the integration services need to be updated?

  • I have a SLES 11 SP3 virtual server running on a Window 2012 R2 Hyper-V.  In the event logs on Windows I have the following message, there are also similar message about the network drivers.

    "A storage device in 'SubTrac' loaded but has a different version from the server.  Server version 6.0  Client version 4.2  The device will work, but this is an unsupported configuration. This means that technical support will not be provided until this problem is resolved. To fix this problem, upgrade the integration services. To upgrade, connect to the virtual machine and select Insert Integration Services Setup Disk from the Action menu."

    It seems the drivers are out of date.  Are there updated drivers available, and where can I find them?

  • Dear Ben,

    HW: PC HP laptop Pavilion 64 bits  / 8Gb RAM OS Windows 8.1

    Hyper-V is running

    VM with Windows 10 build 9926 using WIFI for connection to Internet >> OK

    VM with Debian 7.6 -I386 using ethernet for connection to internet >> OK

    Question till to-day, no can access to internet with VM Debian using the same configuration WIFI for Winodw 10

    Why ?


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