Virtualization Fabric Design Considerations Guide

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The Hyper-V documentation team recently released the Virtualization Fabric Design Considerations Guide.

You can download this document here:

Document Overview:

This guide details a series of steps and tasks that you can go through to design a virtualization fabric that is able to host many virtual machines. Although all virtualization fabrics contain storage and servers for hosting virtual machines, in addition to the networks that connect them, every organization’s virtualization fabric design will likely be different. Throughout the steps and tasks, the guide presents the relevant design and configuration options available to you to meet functional and service quality (such as availability, scalability, performance, manageability, and security) requirements.

Please look it over – and let us know if you have any feedback!


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  • Ben, don't hate me for going off-topic. But you stand a better chance passing this feedback to right people than me (preferably in your words).

    Please add SSH, SCP and SFTP support in Windows via PowerShell. This means no disrespect to Microsoft's remoting solutions but in full honesty those protocols are far more famous in the world.

    You guys can implement those protocols and win hearts of millions worldwide using Windows and dealing with Linux servers in their day jobs.

    Installing Cygwin, WinSCP, Putty or Mingw etc. is far more annoying solution for those simple straight-forward protocols. Built-in support for those three protocols will "ONLY" reflect goodness and shows that Microsoft cares for all sorts of consumer scenarios.

    Thank you in advance for reconsidering this decades old stubborn decision and doing the right thing finally.

    - P. Finney

  • Thank you dear Ben for the great design guide,

    I have a small feedback, I noticed the following topics are not covered in the design guide:

    - Hyper-V Converged Network (fabric).

    - Hyper-V VMResourcePool (Ethernet, Processor, Memory, etc).



  • Thanks for the great document.

    Unfortunately the link to the "Virtualization Fabric Design Considerations Guide Worksheets" within the document is not valid any more and I could not find it elsewhere on TechNet.

    Could you please post an updated link?



  • Christian -

    The link is working for me, can you try it again?



  • Hi, the link for Virtualization Fabric Design Considerations Guide Worksheets - - is still broken, at least for me. Can you post the Worksheets please?

  • Okay - I have been given a new link for the worksheets (as opposed to the guide):

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Virtualization Fabric Design Considerations Guide