The Code Trip is a bunch of Microsoft Technical Evangelists jumping on a bus and touring the western half of the United States to educate users on Microsoft technologies - the ultimate road trip. This is just fantastic!


They're using Virtual Earth to show the locations of their stops, as well as, where they are today (University of Montana, March 12). It's a pretty basic implementation using GeoRSS to pull in locations of their stops, custom icons and some best map fit features to center on the bus or zoom out to see all of the stops. Plus, there's lots of detail and links in the rollovers.

So, check out your city and find out when they'll be in your neck of the woods. These guys will talk your ear off and they love this stuff so go eat their food, learn a thing or two about Microsoft technologies and see if they won't let you on their bus. Although, with a bunch of geeks on a bus for a month I'm not sure ON THE BUS is where you want to be, so maybe just peek in the door.