It's official! We're releasing an update to the desktop products MapPoint 2009 (Desktop Business Intelligence Mapping and Analysis Tool) and Streets & Trips 2009 (Desktop Consumer Trip Planning). Contrary to the release of MapPoint 2006, there are quite a few more features and a whole new interface. MapPoint 2009 will be available September 1, 2008. Streets & Trips will be available in early October at your favorite retailer. For those who don't know, Streets & Trips has a subset of MapPoint functionality, but if you just want offline trip planning software S&T is the way to go. And, for the Aussies, no, there is still no Australian version - just North America and Europe. I know, I know.


Check out the new ribbon.....

Here's a full list of feature enhancements:

  • Improved Live Search integration
    • Over 1.5 million POI embedded in the products
    • Single search box
    • Enhanced POI result set with links to Live Maps yellow page and information details send to mobile integration
  • Send to Mobile
    • SMS messaging via Outlook
    • Location information sent directly to your mobile device
    • Link to Live Mobile
  • Updated/Improved user interface
    • Updated icons throughout the site
    • Toolbar redesign
    • Pane consistency
  • MapPoint Office 12 compatibility
    • Ability to upload Office 2007 Word and Excel file formats
  • Entertainment Online
    • FREE 14 day trial membership for savings in restaurants, hotels, special events, and more
    • Coupons available in U.S. and Canada
    • Search for coupons by area and category
    • Link to Entertainment Online site
  • Additional improvements
    • Updated map data and information on more than 1.5 million locations
    • New, sleek GPS device (puck) for MapPoint North America
    • Streamlined product installation and activation
    • Configurable spoken street names and automatic re-routing
    • 2.5D improvements (zoom to turn, indicator icon, etc)
    • Updated Live Search for Windows Mobile install package included on the DVD

As you can see, jam packed with cool stuff.

2.5D Map....

MapPoint 2009 has a lot of upside with the software part of Microsoft's software plus services strategy, but it remains upside. Can someone build me a Virtual Earth com add in please? If not, I'll do it myself. I mean really, how hard would it be?

And, you gotta love The Matrix Map (read as Night Time Map).