August, 2008

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About Virtual Earth, An Evangelist's Blog


Virtual Earth, An Evangelist's Blog,  is intended to provide you with updated information on building solutions on the Virtual Earth platform, which includes the Map Control and the MapPoint Web Service.  The platform enables you to build any number of location-aware applications with components for visualization, location,

While there are a number of updates, articles, etc. here, it is not intended to be a comprehensive listing of al VE developer resources.  Resources to help you get started with Virtual Earth development:

To start, try out Live Search Maps if you haven't already.  Live Search Maps is built on Virtual Earth and can provide some great inspiration for the types of things the platform makes possible.  On top of that, it is a great local search site and very useful for all those non-developer activities, like finding Pizza parlors so you can work late, finding gifts so you can apologize for working late so often, or getting directions to your next MSDN event.

Our official SDKs, articles, and more are posted on the Virtual Earth SDK.

For Virtual Earth development resources see the great community site: Via Virtual Earth.

There are a number of other people blogging about Virtual Earth for you to check out as well:


  • Virtual Earth, An Evangelist's Blog

    Streets and Trips Training for Sales Professionals

    The true sign of a road warrior is one who knows and uses Microsoft Streets and Trips . S&T has been used by traveling sales professionals for years because of it's interactivity with the Office suite of products, ability to import customer and prospect...
  • Virtual Earth, An Evangelist's Blog

    SQL Server 2008....Finally

    I've been hanging out with Ed Katibah in San Diego at the ESRI User Conference and not in the whole two days we stood in our circular booth did he mention this was going down tonight, but whatever Ed! Actually, the booth was so busy, we spent all of about...
  • Virtual Earth, An Evangelist's Blog


    TeamZoneSports has just gone live with Microsoft Virtual Earth integrated into their community web site that "makes the lives of league directors, coaches, players and parents easier." So, this site is pretty awesome (regardless of the Virtual...
  • Virtual Earth, An Evangelist's Blog


    Petco has moved their store locator to Microsoft Virtual Earth . Petco has over 850 stores in the United States which you can search through using a city/state combo or a postal code. Additionally, Petco offers services at some of their stores, but not...
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