March, 2009

  • Virtual Earth 3D team blog

    WPF and VE3D

    I do love having a developer community out there. We've had lots of requests for direct WPF integration of VE3D, and we've certainly wanted to make it part of the story... and then someone else just goes and does it. Marc Schweigert called this to me...
  • Virtual Earth 3D team blog

    Multitouch in VE3D

    Ever since I got a Touchsmart at home I've been very interested in the desktop touch experience, and so in the last couple days I decided to play with how I could incorporate it into VE3D. The code itself isn't really ready for consumption, but if you...
  • Virtual Earth 3D team blog

    Server transition

    Hello all, I've had a few emails regarding our files being down this weekend. Sorry I didn't give a heads up earlier, but our backing servers are transitioning to a new host. They tell me the servers should be back tomorrow morning (3/2/09) at 8am...
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