Microsoft BizTalk Server 2006 R2 provides an execution and development environment that simplifies the orchestration of dynamic business processes within and between organizations.  This course is designed as an entry-level course for Microsoft BizTalk solutions developers.  It provides information on how to develop and deploy BizTalk solutions. 


Duration and Format

  • 3 Day On-Site
  • Virtual






Day 1

  •  What is BizTalk Server 2006?
  • BizTalk Solution development tools and roles
  • Introduction to BizTalk schemas
  • Creating schemas using BizTalk Schema Editor
  • Validating schemas and messages
  • Using BizTalk Editor extensions
  • Creating a map using BizTalk Mapper
  • Adding Functoids to map
  • Validating the map
  • Building the map project
  • Introduction to BizTalk Orchestrations
  • Designing workflows
  • Using expressions and variables
  • Using ports in orchestrations



Day 2

  • Introduction to BizTalk Server deployment
  • BizTalk deployment methods
  • Post deployment tasks
  • Enable content based routing
  • Configure send ports and receive locations
  • Test the configuration
  • Introduction to Business Rules Framework
  • Creating business rules and vocabularies
  • Invoking rules from orchestrations
  • Advanced concepts



Day 3

  • Consuming web service from orchestration
  •  Publishing orchestration or schema as web service
  •   Introduction to BizTalk adapters
  • Connecting applications using native adapters
  • Introduction to pipelines
  • Using BizTalk Pipeline Designer
  • Introduction to BizTalk RFID




    • Thorough knowledge of XML
    • Familiarity with Microsoft Visual Studio IDE
    • Familiarity with at least one .NET programming language
    • Familiarity with Web services
    • (Knowledge of previous Microsoft BizTalk servers is not required)

*This training is avilable only for Microsoft Partner's(Registered, Certified and Gold Certified Partners)

Contact 1-800-426-9400 Option 1 Ext 84153