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DXF, DWG & Visio

DXF, DWG & Visio

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Hi Everyone,

Do you ever open, save or use AutoCAD files (DXF/DWG) with Visio? If so, the Visio product team would like to talk to you. Please contact us, and we’ll be in touch.

Visio Team

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  • I am having trouble with these file types when using Visio 2003.

  • I am having trouble opening dwg files in Visio 2003.  Please contact me.

  • For those that want to talk with the Visio team about your Visio and CAD experiences, please click the Contact Us link in the post or click the E-mail link on the side of the blog.

  • We have an 802.11 wireless planning tool written in C# which utilizes Visio Professional 2003 in the backend.  Our customers love it because it saves their WLAN plan as a native Visio file.  They also love the ability to import CAD files, but Visio 2003 does not support anything past CAD 2003.   This is a key feature of our product, but most CAD drawings are now saved in a later version.

    Also would like to know about the Visio API limitations of only supporting .NET 1.1 and not .NET 2.0.  Is this going to be fixed in 2007?

  • Cannot convert a DWG file in Visio 2010. Is there something I am missing? What version of AutoCAD should the client be saving the file in?

    Thank you!

  • In the Visio 2010 help I find that it must be possible to export masters to serveral differrente file types. (Including DXF). I created a small program that exports a master from a stencil to BMP format. This works fine but I would like to know how to export to DXF format. (Just changing the file extension generates an error in VB)

  • Hi I am trying to save a Visio file into DWG so I can send it to someone using autocad, they cant see anything when they open the file. It seems to save fine.

    Can you help???

  • I have used Visio for last 10 years and I am at the point of changing to Auto CAD so I can take the DWG from the oil refinery and set it into Visio 2007 for Chemical Cleaning procedures.

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