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Visio 2010 Editions

Visio 2010 Editions

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As we get ready for next month’s launch of Visio® 2010, we’re ready to announce that Visio 2010 will be available in three different editions. This post explains the differences between the three editions (and also gives you a sneak peak of what our boxes will look like!)

image image image
Visio Standard 2010
Simplify complexity with a diverse set of intuitive and professional tools for diagramming.
Visio Professional 2010
Bring your diagrams to life with dynamic, data-driven visuals that are connected to real-time data and can be easily shared online with anyone.
Visio Premium 2010
Improve consistency and accuracy across your organization with advanced diagramming and new process management tools.




Visio 2007 users will note the introduction of the new edition, Visio Premium 2010. Visio Premium 2010 is our highest offering. If you’re using the Visio 2010 Technical Preview or the Visio 2010 Beta right now, you’re using the “Premium” edition.

Which edition is right for you?

Many of the improvements and new features we’ve added to Visio 2010 are available across all editions, but Professional and Premium contain some additional functionality:

  • Visio Standard 2010 brings a brand new look with the incorporation of the Office Fluent User Interface and the redesigned Shapes Window. New features like Quick Shapes, Auto Align & Space, and easy insertion and deletion of shapes make creating and maintaining diagrams even easier. With the new containers and callouts, it’s easy to organize diagrams and make them look great. In addition to the new features that work with all diagram types, the improved cross-functional flowcharting template included in Visio Standard 2010 is designed to be simple, scalable, and reliable.
  • Visio Professional 2010 builds on top of Visio Standard 2010’s great diagramming features by allowing you to connect your diagrams to data and to publish them to Visio Services. With Visio Services, you can view refreshable data-driven diagrams in SharePoint, even if you don’t have Visio installed. The Professional edition also includes advanced diagram templates like Detailed Network diagrams, Engineering diagrams, Wireframe diagrams, and Software and Database diagrams.
  • Visio Premium 2010 includes all the features of Visio Professional 2010 and adds advanced process management features like new diagram templates for SharePoint workflows, Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN), and Six Sigma. SharePoint workflow diagrams can be exported into SharePoint Designer 2010 and further customized. The Subprocess feature allows you to break up your processes into manageable and reusable pieces. With diagram Validation, you can ensure that your diagrams are properly constructed. Visio Premium 2010 integrates with SharePoint Server 2010 to provide a process repository for centralized storage of process documents.

The main functionality differences between the three editions are summarized in the table below:



Visio Standard 2010

Visio Professional 2010

Visio Premium 2010

Ease of Use Features

  • Microsoft Office Fluent UI
  • Quick Shapes and Mini Toolbar
  • Page Auto Size
  • Auto Align & Space
  • Dynamic Grid
  • Improved Cross-Functional Flowchart

And too many more to list!

image image image

Visio Services and Data Features

  • Publishing to Visio Services*
  • Data Link functionality
  • Data Graphics
  • Data Graphics Legend
  image image

Advanced Diagram Templates

  • Detailed Network Diagrams
  • Engineering Diagrams
  • Software and Database Diagrams
  • Wireframe Diagram template
  • ITIL Diagram template
  • Website mapping and documentation diagrams
  • Building architecture and service diagrams
  image image

Advanced Process Management Features

  • SharePoint® Workflow Template
  • BPMN Template
  • Six Sigma Template
  • Diagram Validation
  • Subprocess
  • Validation and Validation API

As usual, please comment on the blog if you have any questions about the differences between Visio 2010 editions.

Edited on 9/14/2010: Removed "Publish to Process Repository" from the "Advanced Process Management Features" row. This feature is available in all editions.

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  • Only regret is at least one SKU of Office should have included it.

  • Does the RTM version have an animated splash screen like all of the rest of the Office apps? The RC didn't.

  • You have to wonder how big the ouchie will be on your wallet for the Premium Version

  • The product box is gorgeous! I love the reflective look of the logo like its sitting on a floor. Microsoft folks for branding are on a roll lately. I agree, its time you brought at least one of the SKUs (Standard preferrably) into the Professional suite. Maybe even bring back Office Ultimate and include Project and Visio Standard editions in it. Adobe gives you an all you can eat with the Master Collection.

  • Also why couldn't MS have included the modeling features of VEA 2003/2005 Enterprise into the Premium SKU?

  • Does anyone know if any of these editions can reverse-engineer a database?

  • Does anyone know if any of these editions can Forward-engineer a database?

    I'm running a 2010 Beta 14.0.4536.1000 and I can reverse engineer.  But it's the forward engineering capability I'm looking for.

  • Hi

    I still use ms visio 2007, find it very useful for drawing complex network diagrams. I'd love to explore new visio 2010 edition as well. Thanks.

  • Bobbi & others,

    Visio 2010 provides the same database modeling capabilities (design & reverse engineer) as Visio 2007. Forward engineering is not available.


    Visio Team

  • I would love to see the database modeling forward engineering feature put back in.

  • Is there any version of this product that will support generating SQL code from a ER diagram? I've downloaded the premium beta version and it doesn't seems to support.

  • Rodrigo -- as noted by Mark above, Premium does not support generating SQL or other "forward engineering" actions. That is only available with Visio for Enterprise Architects.

  • Any features to provide "hot spots" in a diagram on visio? so when a mouse moves over it will show some data...and perhaps integrate that with a list in SP??? This opens up a whole world of opportunities. For starters why isn't a stright forward function to add hot spots in visio?????

  • So how do you get access to Visio for Enterprise Architect?

    It is not listed in the Visio 2010 editions. Is there a version of Visio 2010 for Enterprise Architect? Will that be a superset of Visio 2010 Prem?

  • I am also wondering about the forward engineering for Enterprise Architect? Where is that available?

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