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Visio 2010 Editions

Visio 2010 Editions

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As we get ready for next month’s launch of Visio® 2010, we’re ready to announce that Visio 2010 will be available in three different editions. This post explains the differences between the three editions (and also gives you a sneak peak of what our boxes will look like!)

image image image
Visio Standard 2010
Simplify complexity with a diverse set of intuitive and professional tools for diagramming.
Visio Professional 2010
Bring your diagrams to life with dynamic, data-driven visuals that are connected to real-time data and can be easily shared online with anyone.
Visio Premium 2010
Improve consistency and accuracy across your organization with advanced diagramming and new process management tools.




Visio 2007 users will note the introduction of the new edition, Visio Premium 2010. Visio Premium 2010 is our highest offering. If you’re using the Visio 2010 Technical Preview or the Visio 2010 Beta right now, you’re using the “Premium” edition.

Which edition is right for you?

Many of the improvements and new features we’ve added to Visio 2010 are available across all editions, but Professional and Premium contain some additional functionality:

  • Visio Standard 2010 brings a brand new look with the incorporation of the Office Fluent User Interface and the redesigned Shapes Window. New features like Quick Shapes, Auto Align & Space, and easy insertion and deletion of shapes make creating and maintaining diagrams even easier. With the new containers and callouts, it’s easy to organize diagrams and make them look great. In addition to the new features that work with all diagram types, the improved cross-functional flowcharting template included in Visio Standard 2010 is designed to be simple, scalable, and reliable.
  • Visio Professional 2010 builds on top of Visio Standard 2010’s great diagramming features by allowing you to connect your diagrams to data and to publish them to Visio Services. With Visio Services, you can view refreshable data-driven diagrams in SharePoint, even if you don’t have Visio installed. The Professional edition also includes advanced diagram templates like Detailed Network diagrams, Engineering diagrams, Wireframe diagrams, and Software and Database diagrams.
  • Visio Premium 2010 includes all the features of Visio Professional 2010 and adds advanced process management features like new diagram templates for SharePoint workflows, Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN), and Six Sigma. SharePoint workflow diagrams can be exported into SharePoint Designer 2010 and further customized. The Subprocess feature allows you to break up your processes into manageable and reusable pieces. With diagram Validation, you can ensure that your diagrams are properly constructed. Visio Premium 2010 integrates with SharePoint Server 2010 to provide a process repository for centralized storage of process documents.

The main functionality differences between the three editions are summarized in the table below:



Visio Standard 2010

Visio Professional 2010

Visio Premium 2010

Ease of Use Features

  • Microsoft Office Fluent UI
  • Quick Shapes and Mini Toolbar
  • Page Auto Size
  • Auto Align & Space
  • Dynamic Grid
  • Improved Cross-Functional Flowchart

And too many more to list!

image image image

Visio Services and Data Features

  • Publishing to Visio Services*
  • Data Link functionality
  • Data Graphics
  • Data Graphics Legend
  image image

Advanced Diagram Templates

  • Detailed Network Diagrams
  • Engineering Diagrams
  • Software and Database Diagrams
  • Wireframe Diagram template
  • ITIL Diagram template
  • Website mapping and documentation diagrams
  • Building architecture and service diagrams
  image image

Advanced Process Management Features

  • SharePoint® Workflow Template
  • BPMN Template
  • Six Sigma Template
  • Diagram Validation
  • Subprocess
  • Validation and Validation API

As usual, please comment on the blog if you have any questions about the differences between Visio 2010 editions.

Edited on 9/14/2010: Removed "Publish to Process Repository" from the "Advanced Process Management Features" row. This feature is available in all editions.

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  • The ISO of Visio 2010 that we have downloaded form VLSC appears to be an "all-in-one" version that includes Standard, Professional, and Premium all on the same disc.

    However, Setup never asks you what version you want to install.  It always just installs Visio Premium.

    We not have a license for Visio 2010 Premium.  How can we tell Setup to install the Professional version instead?

    If there is a way to do this with the OCT, this would also be quite useful.

  • Installed Visio 2010 Professional and selected all metric solutions but am not getting any software development/database templates showing up. Floor plans and networks, etc are there, but nothing for anything related to software/databases. These should be in the 'Advanced Engineering' section - which is installed - but nada. :(

    Have tried installing all US unit solutions too, and again they're not showing.

    Any suggestions?

  • I installed it only to get the forward engineer database facility. Everywhere I look, they say that it's taken out of the product again. Please...! it belongs inside this product :(

  • Very disappointed in the lack of database forward engineering functionality - the last version of VEA is in Visio 2003 which cannot connect to SQL 2008.  The diagramming tools in SQL MS are terribly limited so I have really enjoyed using the VEA feature set in the past even preferring it to many competing third party products.  If there is not some progress in supporting this functionality soon, however, I will have to drop Visio all together and move to other tools which support a full spectrum of database work.

  • Just like Tommy we have been on SQL 2008 since Jauary of last year and have now way to use Visio in conjuction with it.  I'm looking for another product!  I too was using the Enterprise Architect.

    oh my gosh Microsoft get with the program!  Your going to lose business and customers.

  • Hey, surely this is wrong... where's the forward engineering for database models?

    Could someone from MSFT please leave a comment explaining whether this is going to be added at a later date?


  • Seriously - I too was expecting the Forward Engineering functionality! I've depended on that in the past with Visio and now that it's not available, I'm going to have to find another solution! What good is the database functionality WITHOUT the forward engineering?!?

    I even see the option to update the database, but it's never enabled. How frustrating is that?

    Incredibly disappointed!!


  • I've just bought two copies of Visio 2010 Premium to help me redesign my 15 year old Access database only to discover Visio can no longer forward engineer!!! I'm completely gobsmacked! What is the point of all the database facilities if you can't make use of them? In fact, this is such a strange decision I'm wondering if I'm missing something. Hello?

  • Come on MS - forward engineering from within Visio was the bomb!  Please BRING IT BACK!!

  • I've seen a post on the microsoft bug site which states that the Visio team haven't got time to add the forward engineering support for database design - strange as they seem to have plenty of time to spare for adding 'shiny' buttons!! which add nothing to the product.

    The database design functionality is COMPLETLEY USELESS without the abilty to generate the database after designing it - what else do they imagine you would want to do with it....

    I've had enough of Visio - its totally redundant from a software design perspective.... Uninstalling....

  • "Also why couldn't MS have included the modeling features of VEA 2003/2005 Enterprise into the Premium SKU?"

    Seconded.  Why this functionality was dropped is anyone's guess!?

  • Visio 2010 Premium is useless without forward engineering for ER Diagram, what a waste of a good product

  • I agree with Wayne, Visio 2010 Premium is useless without forward engineering for SQL Server database or without ability to generate SQL script

  • two questions: can this version read *.VSD files from the old Visio Technical version from Shapeware and can it output PDF format files for viewing by others?

  • Ok "Forward engineering is not available." I can accept (I will juste work on another product). But it could be just nice to have an explanation why??? How will i explain this to my customers???

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