May, 2010

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May, 2010

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    Visualizing Operations Manager Data in Visio Services


    We enjoy seeing the innovative solutions that are implemented on the Visio platform. Now, with Visio 2010 and Visio Services, we’re starting to see some great new solutions that weren’t possible before. A good example is the Visio 2010 add-in for System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2. This add-in, which was originally released for Visio 2007, lets you generate a data-linked Visio diagram from Microsoft System Center Operations Manager. Visio’s data graphics are used to show the health of applications, services, and infrastructure monitored by Operations Manager. For instance, the status of a database server can be shown with an icon on the shape or by changing the shape’s color.


    The diagram can be customized in Visio to show the information in a variety of contexts, such as a network topology, datacenter floor plan, rack diagram, or map.

    The latest version of the add-in has been updated to work with Visio 2010 and allows the diagram to be viewed in SharePoint using Visio Services. The diagram remains connected to the Operations Manager data, and the data graphics will update as status changes occur. In this way, it can be used as a live dashboard that is viewable in a browser without requiring the Visio client.


    In short, this add-in demonstrates how Visio Services opens up new scenarios for visualizing real-time data in the browser and how Visio developers and partners can build powerful new solutions that take advantage of Visio Services.

    Please continue to let us know what you think and comment on our blog!

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    Visio 2010 Now Available for Businesses


    Earlier this morning, Stephen Elop, President of Microsoft’s Business Division formally kicked off the launch of Office 2010, SharePoint 2010, Visio 2010, and Project 2010. The virtual launch event showed off a bunch of demos, customer testimonials, and interviews with Microsoft product managers. You can still see the virtual launch events over at

    Visio 2010 and the rest of the Office products are now available to all of our business customers, and we’re very excited to reach this milestone. If you’re not a business customer, the Office suite of products will show up in retail stores in June.

    With the virtual launch event today, we’re making ourselves available for questions about Visio 2010. If you have any questions about Visio, post a comment on this post, or send us a question through Twitter @msvisio . You can also use the contact form here to send us your questions. Check out the videos below highlighting the Visio 2010 launch:

    Get Microsoft Silverlight

    Get Microsoft Silverlight

    Over the past 10 months, we’ve highlighted all the areas of innovation in Visio 2010. In fact, the Visio 2010 Beta has had over 500,000 downloads! Thank you to everyone who provided feedback through this blog and the Send-A-Smile tool. We’ve heard some great things from our beta users: 92% of surveyed Beta users feel that Visio 2010 is an improvement over previous versions. 84% would recommend the Visio 2010 Beta to a friend or colleague.

    If you haven’t tried the Visio 2010 Beta yet, it’s still available for download. In June, the RTM version of the Visio 2010 Premium Trial will be available for download as well.

    We hope to continue to hear your feedback as you try out our final release and continue to use the Beta.

    For more information about Visio 2010, customer case studies, and a ton of other Visio resources, be sure to check out Visio Tool Box.

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    Visio 2010 SDK and Visio 2010 Viewer available for download


    Along with the Visio 2010 Release to Manufacturing, we are also pleased to announce that the Visio 2010 SDK and Visio 2010 Viewer are now available for download.

    The Microsoft Visio 2010 Software Development Kit (SDK) contains developer documentation, sample applications, and other tools to help developers create custom solutions for Visio 2010. Since the release of the Visio Beta SDK, we have made a number of improvements to the SDK: most notably, we have updated the documentation in the SDK and included a new sample application based on Microsoft Office development tools in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. The Visio SDK Documentation and the Visio Code Samples Library now both contain updated 2010 content. The latter includes sample code for Fluent UI (a.k.a. Ribbon) extensibility, diagram validation, container membership, diagram creation and traversal using the Connectivity API, and saving to Visio Services.

    The new sample application was added to the Visio SDK due to popular demand: developers wanted an example of deploying a VSTO add-in using ClickOnce installation. Our new sample demonstrates how to use new Visual Studio 2010 functionality to install Visio template and stencil files, as part of a Visio add-in deployment, using a "ClickOnce" post-deployment action. After installation, the custom template associated with the add-in is displayed in the Office BackStage View and the add-in is triggered when a new diagram is created from the template. The add-in itself simply drops a shape from a custom stencil onto the drawing page when it is triggered. This basic example can be used by developers to create more complex VSTO add-ins based on their own requirements.

    Microsoft Visio 2010 Viewer allows anyone to view Visio diagrams (.vsd, .vss, .vst, .vdx, .vsx and .vtx files created with Visio 5.0 through Visio 2010) inside their Microsoft Internet Explorer (versions 5 through 8) Web browser. By using Microsoft Visio 2010 Viewer, Visio users can freely distribute Visio drawings and diagrams to team members, partners, customers, or others, even if the recipients do not have Visio installed on their computers. Internet Explorer also allows recipients to print the portion of the Visio drawing displayed in the browser window. Visio Viewer is implemented as an ActiveX control that loads and renders Visio drawings inside Internet Explorer.

    We are very excited to release these two free Visio downloads to make it easier to develop Visio solutions and view Visio diagrams. Please continue to let us know what you think and comment on our blog!

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