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  • Blog Post: The Concurrency Visualizer Debuts with the Launch of VS2010!

    Visual Studio 2010 is finally here and those of us who worked on the Concurrency Visualizer are thrilled about its debut (in VS2010 Premium and Ultimate)! We truly hope that our hard work pays off for you, enabling you to solve your toughest parallel performance problems. I’d like to thank everyone who...
  • Blog Post: The Jacobi Relaxation: an Instance of Data Parallelism

    In this entry, I will describe an important parallel programming concept, data parallelism. I will then show data parallelism in action by presenting a simplified implementation of the Jacobi Relaxation algorithm. Data Parallelism In general, data parallelism occurs in algorithms where the same set of...
  • Blog Post: Tracewriter App Available for Download on Code Gallery

    About three weeks ago, Ryan wrote about his “Tracewriter” application which spells out text in the threads view of the Concurrency Visualizer: Now, the source code is available for download on Code Gallery.  Enjoy! James Rapp - Parallel Computing Platform
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