Announcing the Visual Studio Blog!

Announcing the Visual Studio Blog!

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Since this week is already filled with other notable launches, we figured it would be fitting to unveil one more important launch: The Visual Studio Blog! 

Since the majority of our users are utilizing not just one, but multiple aspects of Visual Studio in their daily development, we wanted to take the same approach with our blog and point our users to one, single location for news, information, walkthroughs, videos, and technical articles on the Visual Studio IDE and Platform.  We also wanted a sole channel for customers to give us feedback and help us make Visual Studio an even better development environment. 

To move forward with our holistic ideology, we’re merging the VSX Team Blog, Visual Studio Editor Blog, VS Project Team Blog, and the MSBuild Team blog into this centralized home.  With our combined efforts, expect to see frequent, high quality posts covering a wide range of topics around the Visual Studio core UI and experience, the new VS editor, the Project System, MSBuild, Visual Studio extensibility, and much more.

So, go download Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 and stay tuned for exciting content around the great enhancements we’ve made for this release!

- Paramesh Vaidyanathan, Product Unit Manager, Visual Studio Platform Team

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  • how about a twitter a/c for vs2010 blog

  • @Pooran:

    There's not currently a Twitter account for the VS Blog as a whole, but if we start one in the future, we'll blog about it here.  The Editor team, which is now part of this blog, does have a Twitter account (@VSEditor).  @VSEditor welcomes comments about the editor and can also help with questions about other areas of VS, so feel free to ask :-)

  • Is there going to be a Contact section added to the blog?  I had a question, and there's not currently a place to contact the team.

  • I suggest a tool like web platform installer only for visual studio

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