FIXED: Comments are not getting posted

FIXED: Comments are not getting posted

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Update: We have diagnosed and fixed the issue that was causing comments to be discarded.  If you were trying to post a comment in the last few days, we'd appreciate it if you could repost -- we love to hear feedback.  If you are having any more issues with your comments appearing on the blog, please send a mail to vsblog AT microsoft DOT com. 

We're currently experiencing issues regarding our comment system, and if you post a comment it may not appear on the blog.  It's unclear whether the comments are getting discarded or are stored somewhere where we can't access them.  We are investigating the issue ASAP and I will let you know when it has been fixed.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Weston Hutchins
Program Manager - VS Platform

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  • Sweet!

  • Check check. Nice!

  • Wahoo!  This problem has been ongoing since the introduction of the captchas over 3 months ago.

    I've been nagging moderators on the MSDN forums for the past 2 months with no real results:

    Thank you to who ever finally fixed the problem :-)

  • @danieldsmith:

    Well we fixed it for our blog without any changes to the infrastructure.  The blog platform has a reasonably strict SPAM filter out-of-the-box, and unfortunately, the software doesn't give the site owner or the end-user any indication that the comment did not save.

    An easy way to spot this is, if after you hit "Submit", you're taking back to the blog home page rather than staying on the post.  If that happens, it means you post was picked up by the filter.

    There's also no "junk" folder so, unfortunately, these comments are lost.  I increased the spam filter on this site to be a bit less strict.


  • So you didn't actually fix the problem, you just tweaked your own blog to hide the symptoms.

  • And since it looks like I can post on this blog, could you forward comments to oldnewthing and larryosterman for me? (said only half jokingly)

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