Send Us Your Feedback: Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 Survey!

Send Us Your Feedback: Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 Survey!

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Weston Hutchins – Program Manager, Visual Studio Shell Team
Short Bio: I started at Microsoft as an intern in 2005 and have been working in Visual Studio ever since.  I’m currently a PM on the VS Shell Team.  No, not the “Isolated” or “Integrated” Shell, but the core VS IDE – it’s UI and services.  Prior to my current duties, I was the SKU manager for the Visual Studio Express products. Outside of work, I’m an avid football fan, love winter sports, and always enjoy some quality mac and cheese.

I know this has already been mentioned on some notable blogs, but I wanted to add the VS Platform Team’s word of encouragement to take a few minutes and fill out the Beta 2 survey


Your real-world experiences will help us track down the remaining areas of focus before we ship in March.  So, please let us know what you think about the new UI, the WPF-based editor and its extensibility, the C++ MSBuild project system, the VSIX deployment enhancements and anything else that you like or dislike about the product.  The more specific you can be the better.  Even though we cannot act on everything, it’s important for us to understand how our customers are using and reacting to Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2.  So, please keep it coming!

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  • Hi, I have started using Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 on Windows 7. I will keep you updated about my experience.

    One feeback is regarding Intellisense for Color class. If we have colorchart instead of Color.ColorName like Color.SkyBlue, Color.Red tec. this will speedup the color selection process.

  • The new Editor extensibility model is awesome. It made the django editor possible. I think it will push quiet a few people to early adoption of VS2010.

  • @Amitabh:

    We've heard similar suggestions about color previews in IntelliSense from other users (e.g.  We won't have time to add this for the VS 2010 release, but it would make an interesting Editor extension or feature, and it's on our list of good suggestions to revisit for a future version of Visual Studio.


    Thanks!  Your feedback has been very valuable, so please continue to let us know about any bugs or issues you find with editor extensibility.

    Brittany Behrens

    Program Manager, VS Platform - Editor

  • Hi!

    I have seen that the handling of minidump-files has been improved. Anyway, what I am still missing is information about the reason for the fault.

    Currently, I still have to start WinDbg and type some cryptic commands to find information like "APPLICATION_FAULT_INVALID_POINTER_READ".

    Would be handsome if VS could display this information directly!



  • Error 10 Unable to copy file "[Project_dir]/[db_name.mdf]". The process cannot access the file '[Project_dir]/[db_name.mdf]' because it is being used by another process.

    I am getting this error several times a day. It seems to happen randomly. I don't have it open in anything else. I checked the handle with processexplorer (procexp.exe) and devenv.exe is holding it.

    I was not running into this issue in C# 2008 express. Same project.

    I'm not sure if it is directly related to VS 2010 or not, Just thought someone should know that this is happening


  • Intellisense for Classic ASP appears to have gone in VS2010 (whereas it exists in VS2008 SP1), and I type faster than the IDE can keep up when editing the source of a Classic ASP page. Its not that I'm a fast typist - I'm not; the IDE is responding to my typing sluggishly, whereas doing exactly the same thing side by side in VS2008 the typing responsiveness is instant - much like notepad. Presumably, the sluggishness is unexpected?

    Can't wait to start using it properly, for grown-up (devised after the Yamaha DX7 and synth pop) code. Big disappointment for VS2010: WF 4 is missing state machine workflows; really wish it was there.

  • I also would like to see classic ASP support.  As a developer, I work on many sites.  Sometimes we work on classic asp sites, sometimes we work on hybrid sites, sometimes we work on .net only sites.

    Currently, I do all the classic ASP pages in an advanced notepadd type of editor since it loads quickly.

  • Hello, my girlfriend literally just played a violin to express how much it saddens her that the behavior of ToggleOutlineExpansion has changed. While it may be a joke to her it does break my heart. Here is my expected and observed behavior:

    First off I map ToggleOutLineExpansion to ctrl-D because I use it so much.

    Observed: When I highlight a block of collapsed text and hit ctrl-D nothing happens. Ack!

    Expected: The same behavior as VS2008: When I highlight a block of collapsed text and hit ctrl-D it should open the collapsed block. Nested text blocks should be collapsed or expanded depending on their previous state. If I hit ctrl-D a second time it collapses back to how it looked to begin with. However if I hit ctrl-D a third time it should open the collapsed text with *all nested text blocks collapsed*. This provides a nice "table of content view".

    I love the 2008 behavior because it allows me to "drill down" into my code by using the mouse to select collapsed text and my left hand to hit ctrl-d. I invested a bunch of time adding region statements to all my code so I could navigate it this fashion. What will I do if I can't navigate in this fashion?! Please help!

    Oh yes, and I was just reminded, I also love my girlfriend.

    But seriously, it would be great if the behavior matched VS2008.



  • No collapse all projects in VS2010, which I used a lot from VS2008

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