Visual Studio 2010 Release Candidate Now Available!

Visual Studio 2010 Release Candidate Now Available!

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If you haven’t read the news on other notable MSDN blogs, I’m pleased to announce that the Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4 Release Candidates are now available for download!  Currently the downloads are only available to MSDN subscribers, but they will be released to the public this Wednesday, February 10th.  This release includes a “go-live” license for users who want to use VS in a production environment. 

As always, we’re really excited to hear feedback about this release – we’ve come a long way since Beta 2 in overall product performance and stability.  Please make sure to send us your feedback via Connect or post comments to this blog.  RTM is just around the corner and we want you to tell us that VS 2010 is ready!

Download and enjoy!

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  wespic Weston Hutchins – Program Manager, Visual Studio Shell Team
Short Bio: I started at Microsoft as an intern in 2005 and have been working in Visual Studio ever since.  I’m currently a PM on the VS Shell IDE team and work on the core IDE UI and services as well as the Extension Manager and integration. Prior to my current duties, I was the SKU manager for the Visual Studio Express products.
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  • "Currently the downloads are only available to MSDN subscribers"

    All subscribers or just premium? I have Pro MSDN subscription and can't seem to access it -- I get the dreaded "Not Available At Your Subscription Level" message. *sad face*

  • I'm confirming but I believe it's only available for premium subscribers until Wednesday.

  • Woah

    I'm very happy to know VS2010 will be releasing soon..

    Been waiting for a really loooong time!

    Is there a date scheduled for the RTM now?

  • Does anyone know when the 2010 beta 2 will expire?

  • Hi Weston

    Wonderful news.

    Can you please confirm if the restriction on ecommerce applications are still applicable on the RC release?

    A reader MikeC pointed this extract from the EULA for Beta 2 out:

    " You may not use the software to design, develop or test programs that collect personally identifiable or confidential data. ... Commerce Transactions.  You may not use the software to design, develop or test programs that conduct e-commerce transactions (exchange of goods or services by means of the Internet or other computer networks), including without limitation any shipping, credit card, monetary or other banking transactions.


    This is the link to the question on ScottGu's blog:

    I undertstand why Beta software can't be used for production Ecommerce code, and would appreciate if you could please confirm if there are similar (perhaps less strict?) restrictions on the RC release, especially since the question does not appear to have been answered on ScottGu's blog?

    much appreciated,

    Alan Hemmings

  • can you please confirm wether the release will still be restricted as to data sources as the beta 2 release was so as to be able to use the ide to connect to ANY data source such as a MYSQL or APACHE  servers

  • Will the Release candidate have support for Windows Mobile 6 SDK

  • @Anshul:  The VS launch date is currently scheduled for Monday, April 12 per Rob Caron's blog post(

    @Paul: Beta 2 will expire on June 30th, 2010

    @Alan: I'll follow up with our legal/release team to get you an answer.  You can also read more about the "go live" license for RC on Jeff Beehler's blog:

    @Michael: I'll follow-up on that request.  I wasn't aware of that limitation.  Can you point me to the license terms that specify this?

    @Alex: No, the RC does not include the Windows Mobile 6 SDK.  I'd recommend asking on the Windows Mobile Team blog to see what their release plans are:


    Weston Hutchins

  • @Brock: All levels of MSDN should have access to the RC.  If you aren't seeing the releases, click the "Site Feedback" link in the lower right corner of the page.  

  • Fantastic!  Does it have a text editor now, or are we stuck with the "shiny-but-sloooooow" POS from the previous betas?

  • Hi

    it was something i found on the msdn and other sites, that the beta 2 will obly access msaccess, sqlexpress or sql compact or oracle sql as a data source, I have tried for weeks to get it to connect using the database amanager,  the pc connects correctly, the data (ODBC) sources are installed and working, but never show up as a datasource to connect too, not even if working on the local machine, (localhost or, with the correct ports even though other applications work fine.

    this has become extremely frustrating, as I wish to create web frontend, visial basic processing and search/display of sql server data, and databases



  • @Alan: I've asked Legal and they're answer is the license is the same for Beta 2 and RC.  We primarily do this to protect customers since we wouldn't want anyone deploying a Beta ECommerce site that had an error in their credit card transaction code (whether or not it was caused by VS or the application).  This restriction will be removed when the final code has been signed off for RTM.

  • @Michael: I've confirmed with the data team that you should be able to connect to those data sources using ODBC.  I'd recommend posting your issue to the MSDN forums to see if anyone can help debug (


    Weston Hutchins

  • In a further blow against programming, the support for Intellisense has been reduced (eliminated?) for C++ users.  Probably, I'll stay with VS2008, or move over to open-source, as my way of saying thanks for their kind considerations.

    Thanks for nothing!

  • @Balboos: Thanks for your comment and I'm sorry that the Intellisense for C++ is unsatisfactory for you. We completely rewrote the Intellisense engine for C++ in Visual Studio 2010, and it has certainly NOT been eliminated. C++ Intellisense should, in general, be much better and more complete than in previous versions. C++ also now provides live 'squiggles' for errors in the editor. You can read more about that here:

    We did, unfortunately, lose the ability to provide Intellisense for C++/CLI (C++ for .Net applications). Perhaps that's what you were referring to. If you are still having trouble with Intellisense in native C++ in the Visual Studio 2010 Release Candidate, please enter a bug on the Connect website by using "Help/Report a Bug" from within Visual Studio.


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