Hotfixes available for ‘scrolling context menu’ problem

Hotfixes available for ‘scrolling context menu’ problem

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We’ve been looking into the widely-reported problem with Visual Studio 2010 where context menus contain scrollbars even when there is sufficient screen real estate to show the menu without one. We’re pleased to announce that there are patches available for Visual Studio and Windows Presentation Foundation that fix this problem. You will need to install both patches to fix this issue

  1. Visual Studio 2010 patch:
  2. Windows Presentation Foundation 4.0 patch:
    1. X86: NDP40-KB2413613-x86.exe.
    2. X64: NDP40-KB2413613-x64.exe.


If you have any additional questions, post here (on the blog comment section) and we will follow up to ensure a bug is filed or a solution is found.  


Matt Kaufman
Senior Program Manager
Microsoft Visual Studio

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  • Thanks 4 share! ;)

  • One thing I thought I would call out, for anyone not familar with the QFE 'landing' pages, you need to click on the Download tab to get to the actual download links.  I think we are obligated to link to the 'landing' page that discuses the bug details and such, but anyone familar with the bug probably already knows this and just wants the patch(es).

    Ryan Molden


    Microsoft Visual Studio

  • Except for emergencies, I typically do not apply manual patches.

    May I assume that eventually this and other patches will be rolled up and released as a service pack? (No timing details needed now.)

  • Yes, all QFEs will be included in SP1.

  • This bug is really annoying, ;) Super glad to see the patch.

  • This bug is really annoying, ;) Super glad to see the patch.

  • Neither of the WPF 4.0 hotfixes seem to work for me. I'm running Windows 7 64-bit. Trying to run the 64-bit version results in "NDP40-KB2413613-x64.exe is not a valid Win32 application" while the 32-bit version tells me that it "does not apply, or is blocked by another condition on your computer." I'm guessing I'm supposed to run the 64-bit version, but is the file borked in some way?

  • Both patches say: "KBxxxxxxx does not apply, or is blocked by another condition on your computer."

    Windows 7 x64, Visual Studio 2010 Professional (everything up-to date via Windows Update).


  • Both patches worked for me, and actually corrected the bug. Thanks.

    (Windows 7 64bit + Visual Studio 2010 Professional)

  • Thank you for fixing the scrolling context menu issue, it's been driving me nuts!

  • Thank you for that quick tip Ryan Molden! I was not familiar with "QFE 'landing' pages" and you saved me much time aimlessly clicking till I found it.

    In fact, that implementation of separating the download tab makes the site resemble a non-verified user file-store like Mega-Upload or FileShack. I spent a few seconds wondering how I excited MSDN and if the download was even legitimate.

  • Can we also get a fix for copy/pasting files (ctrl+c ctrl+v) in the solution window? Right now, it scrolls to the bottom of the window or some random location after paste, which is extremely annoying in large solutions. It should select the new pasted file and scroll to it instead.

  • Another tip, this time for fellow developers using WPF and posted here to capture it in the internet memory archives.  

    For any developers that find themselves in a situation where they need to display a WPF context menu at an absolute screen coordinate, as tempting as it may be do NOT use PlacementMode.Absolute. This results in, well, this bug, where WPF honors your X/Y even if doing so would cause the menu to not display in its entirety.

    What you want is WPF to use your point as an initial starting point and then do flipping/nudging of the X/Y coordinate to help fit the menu to the screen.  To accomplish this feat you need to use PlacementMode.Custom and construct a number of baseline placements (generally one each for above, below, left and right of the actual absolute coordinate point).  

    Feel free to e-mail me (rmolden AT microsoft DOT com) if you want the gory details, but tip to the wise: avoid PlacementMode.Absolute unless you don't want WPF making any sort of adjustments to the given X/Y coordinates.

  • @Christian, @Dave

    Yuck, I have sent some mail internally to try to figure out why that may be the case.  

    The good news is that the WPF patch is only necessary to fix another bug that fixing the original bug uncovered.  That bug only happens if you have multiple monitors arranged in the Display Properties dialog (Settings tab) such that the top of one of them is located below the top of the other one, which makes the baseline Y-coordinate of said monitor non 0 (and some WPF code was assuming a Y-coordinate of 0 == the top of the monitor).  

    If you DON'T have such a setup then all you need is the VS side of the patch, which fixes the 'why does this damn scroll arrow show up' bug :)

  • @Christian:

    Please try downloading the patches again. The 'invalid win32 application' is probably a bad download.

    @Dave: Do you have any other WPF or .NET 4.0 framework patches on your system? It might be you have something newer that's blocking the WPF patch. We're checking on our side but if you could send a snip of the 'control panel/programs and features/view installed updates' to matt-kaufman [at] hotmail [dot] com that will help me diagnose the problem.

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