Hotfixes available for ‘scrolling context menu’ problem

Hotfixes available for ‘scrolling context menu’ problem

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We’ve been looking into the widely-reported problem with Visual Studio 2010 where context menus contain scrollbars even when there is sufficient screen real estate to show the menu without one. We’re pleased to announce that there are patches available for Visual Studio and Windows Presentation Foundation that fix this problem. You will need to install both patches to fix this issue

  1. Visual Studio 2010 patch:
  2. Windows Presentation Foundation 4.0 patch:
    1. X86: NDP40-KB2413613-x86.exe.
    2. X64: NDP40-KB2413613-x64.exe.


If you have any additional questions, post here (on the blog comment section) and we will follow up to ensure a bug is filed or a solution is found.  


Matt Kaufman
Senior Program Manager
Microsoft Visual Studio

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  • When are we going to get a Visual Studio 2010 Service pack to include all of these "hitfixes"?!

  • @Gene and others:

    We're still firming up plans for a Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack. We'll communicate those in more detail once the plans have been finalized.

  • I am receiving the same "KBxxxxxxx does not apply, or is blocked by another condition on your computer." as some others here. The other KB2345133 was installed successfully first, but I now cannot install the second NDP40-KB2413613-x86.exe.

  • @Edmund

    We have receieved some sporadic feedback about this (i.e. a few comments here out of the ~3k downloads of the patches).  The easiest questions to get out of the way first:

    1:  Is your machine x86 (32 bit machine) or x64?  If it is x64 you need that version of the patch, the error message above implies you are trying to install the x86 version of the patch, so I assume your machine is x86.

    2:  Do you have any other QFEs applied that may be preventing the patch from detection of a proper 'baseline'?  This would indicate a patch authoring error on our side if it were the case, which isn't out of the question but I would imagine if that were the case far, far more people would be hitting this.

    3:  Do you have multiple monitors?  If so is one of the monitors aligned in the Display Properties -> Settings tab such that its top is shown as being below the top of the other monitor?  This is a somewhat corner case setup (some people certainly do have it, but by default the monitors are top aligned unless you have explicitly changed this).  If you don't have multi-mon OR both monitors are top aligned (default) then you actually shouldn't need the second patch.  That patch is for a context menu clipping issue that was discovered in testing the fix for the original bug. Since it was worse than the original bug (i.e. you couldn't access clipped menu items at all as opposed to just having to scroll the menu up/down to get to the item you wanted) we decided to publish both fixes together.  We didn't want anyone getting the first bug fixed and then running into the second bug.

    If none of these questions lead to the root of the problem/don't apply to you, you could try downloading the patch again (perhaps there was an error in the download, though that generally results in a different failure).  

    If that doesn't work we would need to try to gather some more info about your machine and what other patches/windows updates are installed so we could try to reproduce the install failure or figure out WHY it is blocked/not working exactly.


  • Ryan,

    Thanks. You were spot on. I was attempting the x86 as the other patch (VS10-KB2345133-x86) is x86....

    The x64 installed smoothly on my Win7 64 machine


  • @Edmund

    Glad to hear it.  Not sure why the first patch has the x86 in its filename, it should be processor agnostic as far as I know.


  • Just applied both patches on Windows 7 32 bit and now VS doesn't start anymore. It quits with an error message "Cannot create window". Does anybody else get this?

  • @Max

    Nope, that is the first we have heard of that, I would imagine some kind of corruption due to the patch install.  You can remove both patches via Programs and Features.  That should fix VS to launch again, then you can try installing just the first patch, see if VS works, then try the second patch.  If it was just some kind of corruption on install re-installing both may well fix the issue.  Otherwise, if you use stand-alone debugger (like Windbg) to launch VS and post any info about exceptions, which is likely what is happening, during start-up that would be helpful to help diagnose the issue (since we have never seen it on our end it is hard to give any more ideas without inspecting the actual problem).

    Do you have any third party AddIns or extensions?  I can't imagine it should be problematic, but if they are doing ill-advised things with any of the assemblies that were replaced I could imagine you might see this, but that seems highly unlikely.


  • @Max

    Be sure you reboot if you are required to after installing the WPF patch. As Ryan says, it could be a problem with an extension or Add-in; try launching Visual Studio from the Visual Studio command prompt via 'devenv /safemode'


  • Now I would not actually mind the scolling popups,

    they even be usefull, if only that darn mouse scrollwheel would work on them...

    Maybe an idea for SP1?

    Thanks for the patch though.

  • @Matt

    safemode doesn't help.

    I tried to run the KB2345133 again. After half an hour it's still running at 100% CPU and the progress bar is at around 60%. Looks like I have to uninstall and reinstall VS :-). Let's hope this helps.

  • Forgot to add: The cancel button is not enabled.

  • I am getting an error while installing the WPF patch on a 64-bit Win7 machine.  The install goes about 1/3 of the way updating files and then rolls back.  I then get displayed a screen saying the installation failed.  This is all the error log says:

    (0x80070643), "Fatal error during installation. "

    I am able to install the VS patch, but the 64-bit WPF patch I cannot get to install.

    Any possible solution?

  • @Max

    You shouldn't need to re-install VS, launch Control Panel -> Programs and Features and on the left hand side of that window there should be a link for 'View Installed Updates', click on that and you should see two entries, one for the VS fix (the first download) and one for the WPF fix.  You can uninstall one or both of the updates from there which should restore VS to its pre-patched state without having to re-install.


  • @gm

    Hmmm, well that error isn't terribly informative :(  I can check internally if there is some log file that would be generated that may have more information.  In the meantime unless you have multiple monitors that aren't top-aligned in the Display Properties -> Settings tabs you don't technically NEED the WPF patch.  That patch was simply to fix another bug that exposed by the first for the first bug and found during testing.


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