Visual Studio Is Hiring!

Visual Studio Is Hiring!

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Do you want to work on a product used by millions of developers around the world?  I do!  Come join me to deliver Visual Studio, the set of developer tools used across Microsoft and around the world.  We have open positions available across Test, Dev and PM at varying levels on many projects across Visual Studio Professional.  We’re looking for the most talented folks around to help us  deliver the core parts of Visual Studio, from the Shell & IDE, languages (VB/C#/F#), packaging & setup, to our future investments in C# & VB. 

Here are a list of our open positions.  We love referrals, let your friends know they can work on Visual Studio too!  To get more information, please submit your resume.

Visual Studio IDE/Platform Team

Team Position
IDE/Platform Software Development Engineer in Test 2
IDE/Platform Software Development Engineer in Test 2
IDE/Platform Software Development Engineer 2
IDE/Platform Program Manager 2


Visual Studio Pro Experience

Team Position
Pro Experience Software Development Engineer in Test 2
Pro Experience Software Development Engineer 2
Pro Experience Program Manager 2
Pro Experience Senior Program Manager
Pro Experience Senior Software Development Engineer


Codename Roslyn (compiler as a service)

Team Position
Roslyn Software Development Engineer in Test Lead
Roslyn Software Development Engineer 2


Visual Studio Project, Build & Windows focus

Team Position
Visual Studio Tools Software Development Engineer in Test 2


In case you’re not familiar with these core engineering roles at Microsoft, you can find more information out on the Microsoft Career Site.  Here are short descriptions of the roles:

  • Program Managers (PMs) transform visions into elegant designs that ultimately turn into products and solutions. Or, put more simply, we anticipate what customers want and translate that into what they get. Working closely with development, test, user experience, and marketing professionals, we identify requirements, set priorities, manage feature sets across product lifecycles, and author technical specifications and customer scenarios.
  • Testers (Software Development Engineers in Test –SDETs) “build it to break it.” We push products to their limit, making sure they perform to customer expectations and conform to the highest quality standards. In partnership with developers and program managers, and using C, C++, C#, and VB.NET, we write test cases and plan, design, develop, and maintain automation tools that isolate and debug problems.
  • Developers (Software Development Engineers – SDEs) write the code—C, C++, C#, and other programming languages—that turns concepts into new technologies and services. We are experts in feature design and feasibility, and we collaborate with program managers and test engineers to define features and ensure quality.


I hope to hear from you soon!

Peter Hauge [MSFT]

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  • I'd really love to work on a product like Visual Studio. A great change to create tools to write better, faster and cleaner code. But I don't think I can work from home in europe, or can I?

  • Thanks for your interest!  Generally speaking we prefer the core engineering team local in Redmond, WA (although we can make exceptions).  Microsoft does a great job in helping with (and usually paying for) relocation expenses & visa process, so if you have any interest in trying out a new place or want more information, please apply to one of the positions and we can talk about it! :-)

    Peter Hauge [MSFT]

  • If hired, can I request an office next to Scott Hanselman? ;)  And a bull horn?

  • Maybe you can move some of the new guys to the XAML code-editor team so it gets usable for the final of SP1!

    Maintaining XAML code with VS2010 SP1 Beta still sucks as hell. Sorry - found no nicer words for this part of VS2010. Performance for resource-dictionaries with more then a few hundred lines is unusable (every few keystrokes one get a lag of 15 secs up to 2 mins). Worst is that this major blocker issue seems to exists even in SP1 beta even if you guys (eg. ScottGu) pushes Silverlight development.

  • I think that a job with Microsoft for those in our industry working on tools in the .NET realm would probably be the pinnacle of one's career. Working for the company that is responsible for the technology that has been the center of my career and software engineering life would be quite an experience.

  • Would C++ not be considered a "core" language?  I feel so unloved.

  • Michael, this is a case where the organizational structures for Visual Studio happen to bleed through.  The managed language teams (C#, VB, and F#) are part of the larger Visual Studio Pro team--the team for which these particular open jobs are available.  The C++ language team is an entirely separate organization.  We certainly didn't mean to slight C++ as a core part of Visual Studio.

  • @Matthew: it's just that the VC team has just spent quite a lot of effort on their blog trying to convince their users that "we're a real core part of VS, honest! It might look like we've been the red-headed stepchild for the last decade, but we're *that* close with the rest of the VS guys, really!" ;)

    Thanks for the explanation though.

    Of course, if the C++ team is a completely separate organization, one might speculate that this in itself would make them less "core". ;)

  • Here is my resume:  Could you answer do I have a chance to work in some of these projects.

  • I haven't updated my resume for a while, but I wonder if this post qualifies as one for the occasion. Below is a list of my side projects - all open source, all dealing with Visual Studio integration: - workflow engine backed by an advanced Object Relational Mapper. Includes integrated with VS code generator for generating C# classes based on the XML Schema for the entity. My current customer built his entire mission critical system using workflow server as foundation - implementation of django templating language for .NET. Written in F#. Includes template editor for VS2010 with full blown intellisense support born out of frustration with how F# projects are managed in VS Solution Explorer. Implements language service for Boo language

  • This post makes it seem that the release of Roslyn is still far off. Please say it ain't so ;). For me it's actually the most exciting feature coming to C#.

  • Sounds interesting.

    @BarfieldMV: Look at (there you have a world map + open locations - also lot of open positions in Europe - but I am afraid that Developers are only hired at Redmond, USA ;-))

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