Visual Studio 2010 SP1 Now Available

Visual Studio 2010 SP1 Now Available

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As of this week, Visual Studio 2010 SP1 is now available for download!  The service pack was released to MSDN subscribers on March 8 and became generally available on March 10.  SP1 includes fixes that improve reliability and address the most commonly-reported customer bugs.  It also adds some of the most requested feature improvements, including a new local help viewer, IntelliTrace support in more scenarios, and built-in Silverlight 4 tooling.

For more information, check out the following blog posts and links:


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  • well, it looks like the IISExpress and SQLCE4 integration really depends on WebPI right ?

    I installed them manually before SP1, then install SP1, then install VS2010 SP1 Tools for SQLCE4 manually (got the download link from WebPI though), and IISExpress/SQLCE4 support is NOT FOUND. I then uninstalled VS2010 Tools for SQLCE 3.5 SP2, then it worked. what the hell ?

    and when I reopen the project in VS2010, WebPI plugin says I also need latest Web Deploy, which I dont actually use. so I uninstalled WebPI to shut it up, but the WebPI plugin for VS2010 is still there even after I removed WebPI it self, it still warn me to download latest Web Deploy, but it cannot actually install it automatically since WebPI is removed.

    so I download Web Deploy 1.01 and installed it manually, finally it shut up and I can move on with my own work. woooops.

  • The installation of SP1 on my machine (VS 2010 Professional, Intel I5, 2.67 Ghz, 8 Gb RAM, Win 7 X64, 300 GB Harddisk) takes forever. It has been running for over 4 hours now and the progressbar is only at 40%.

    Taskmanager stills shows some processor activity.

    I have never been a fan of MSI installations, but this is terrible.

    I have looked at the installation log file in the temp folder (it is now over 540 Mb) and it contains thousands of lines that are the same:

    Warning 1946.Property 'System.AppUserModel.ExcludeFromShowInNewInstall' for shortcut 'Spy++.lnk' could not be set. HRESULT 1175.

    Are you sure you want to cancel?

    There is also a html file in the temp folder with a size of over 1 Gb.

    There is no cancel dialog on the screen, it looks like it is running normally.

    I had to cancel the setup, and I am really pissed off by this setup 'experience'.

    Robert van der Hulst

  • I'm facing the same situation as mentioned by Robert.. Installation is simply stuck and now started to roll back.. This is going on from hours.. seems like i have no choice but to cancel it..

  • Pls ignore my previous msg. I was able to install it..

    A short note to all who are trying this. It will take lot of time, it took more then 2 hours on my machine. PLUS many times you will see it is rolling back which is actually a confusing msg. Maybe it is trying to roll back the previous installed compnents and then install new one..

    Pls be patient and it will get installed.

    Disappointed to see that new help viewer doesn't allow to dock the index whereas H3viewer gives this facility. Secondly, H3viewer is also working. I was surprised that it was mentioned that it is not compatible with Sp1

  • I've been patient, I've let the install works more than 12 hours (core i7 64bit, Win7 and 4gb ram... nothing else running on the computer), and still stuck. The Setup.exe took 3 or 4% of CPU.

    Then I've rollback, wait again 3 hours, and still not done.

    So I've killed the setup, and now VS2010 throws error when loading some projects.

    So I try to uninstall VS2010, and I see the SP1 installed (with only 75Mb). When I try to uninstall the SP1 I've this warning:

    "The removal of Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1 may put this computer in an state in which projects cannot be loaded and Service Pack 1 cannot be reinstalled. For instructions about how to correct the problem, see the readme on the Microsoft Download Center website."

    Ok so I can't install, I can't uninstall...

    Sorry guys, the content is *maybe* a good work, but the installation package it's a completely amateur works...

    Now, I'll spend my w-e to try to have a dev environment back for Monday.

  • FYI.. i installed via ISO download.. r u trying it via ISO or the web installer.. ISO image is 1.5GB download and can be extracted via free utils like 7zip..

    Plus my machine is 32 bit win 7 with 4gb ram, at the time of installation only 15gb was free on my hdd.. it is core2duo 2.1 GHZ.. this is a much lesser configuration then yours but still it worked..

  • The download overview states "If you installed Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1 Beta, you should not uninstall it before installing this release of SP1." I had installed the beta, but uninstalled it because it broke the LightSwitch Beta. Should I reinstall the beta VS SP 1, and then the release version?

  • Will this be distributed through Microsoft Update? Perhaps after the Windows SDK issue is fixed?

  • Hi, will Visual Studio SDK have SP1 version or just use same one?

  • I finally managed to install the service pack but I had to do the following:

    - Remove Visual Studio

    - Remove all other stuff that was installed by the Visual Studio installer (I checked it based on the installation date)

    - Kill the VS10 folder in Program Files

    - Kill the VS10 registry branches (in HKLM and HKCU)

    - Kill the program groups in the Start menu

    - Reinstall VS 2010

    - Run VS 2010 once

    - Apply the Service Pack

    All in all this has taken most of the last weekend. What a great 'Setup experience'. All I can say is that my customers would not accept this.

    Some suggestions for a future service pack (or any installation actually)

    - If there is an error during the installation (like the issue that I described before: "Warning 1946.Property 'System.AppUserModel.ExcludeFromShowInNewInstall' for shortcut 'Spy++.lnk' could not be set. HRESULT 1175." then please show some information in the UI so we are not waiting forever

    - Detect repeating errors, display a message to the user and abort the installation step that causes this

    Robert van der Hulst

  • If Visual Studio 2010 SP1 is taking more than a couple of hours to install, this is likely signs of a known but rare issue. Please see for the workaround.

    To summarize, cancel the install, wait for the rollback to complete, then retry. This is a transient issue and retrying the operation has worked in all cases we're aware of.

  • Wow, this must be the worst setup experience ever. Installing SP1 is just insanely slow. After two hours and 10% complete the computer froze. After another hour the rollback has not even finished. Total disaster! I'm never installing another service pack from Microsoft.

  • There is a Visual Studio 2010 SP1 SDK also availabled from the Microsoft download center:

  • Failed now on my work and home computers. Real crap guys!

  • Reading this i must be a lucky one. My setup run through in a moderate time.

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