TechEd 2011: Visual Studio vNext Sneak Preview

TechEd 2011: Visual Studio vNext Sneak Preview

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In case you missed it, last week at TechEd 2011 in Atlanta, GA, I gave conference attendees a first look at some of the new IDE features and performance improvements we’re working on for the next version of Visual Studio.  Channel9 has posted the session (along with all the other TechEd sessions) so everyone else can now watch the presentations and demos.  Take a look, and let us know what you think!

Microsoft Visual Studio IDE Futures -

There were also a number of other Visual Studio and language sessions that might interest you:

Weston Hutchins
Program Manager – VS IDE Platform

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  • It is very cool!

  • I'd prefer a page of text over these online videos...

  • Same to the text... I cant watch videos at work.

  • We'll be posting about the new features in the future, but if you want a feature summary list you can download the presentation slides:

    Slides 8, 9, 10, 13 list the features I covered

  • I watched the video...seriously...thank you for showing this early. A big thanks to making VS better to use, rather than just adding support for new technology. I've been using VS since the first release. I really like the vision/direction you're going.

  • Seems really nice, I'd love if You release it let's say... tommorow? :)

    One thing that got me interested - is there a way to access "Build Peak" window? The one used to give difference between vs2010 and vNext? Altough I can't see a real need for it for my dev experience, I'd love to watch it when I'm building (since I don't have anything better to do)

  • That particular extension isn't available but it was modeled off of  Try that one out!

  • I saw that using Visual Studio C++ 2010 (express) I dont have the option to step intp specific code (Shift + Alt + F11). That would help us also in native world.

  • > That particular extension isn't available

    I don't suppose it could be -made- available? :-)

    I'm with wiewior on this one. I'd really like a copy!

    It's clean, elegant and a lot more fun to look at than Output->Build.


    PS: Great presentation!

  • Get the latest features of visual studio 2011 here

  • One suggestion relating to line ending and tabs/spaces normalization: do the consistency check on paste as well as on open--countless times I've accidentally pasted code with different line endings and ended up committing it because I never reopened the file.

  • I like your new floating find toolbar.

    The one small suggestion I have to make this better is to rip of google chrome where it will color portions of the scrollbar track region yellow/green to indicate all the highlighted/currently focused matches in the document.

    My only gripe with chrome is that it will put the highlighting under the scroll bar thumb button instead of above it.

  • Visual Studio 2011 is part of the Windows 8 Developer Preview ISO image.

  • very nice flot finding toolbar is really nice

    loved the video


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