Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview Survey

Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview Survey

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Have you had a chance to play around with the Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview? If so, we’d like to hear your early impressions, particularly around performance, reliability, and quality. Let us know what you think by taking the Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview survey.

Doug Turnure – Visual Studio Program Manager

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  • I try to install VC11, but unfortunately i dont have 8Gb free on my C drive. I changed the path to another drive but VC11 try to install to C driver... of course fail to install do to lack of space...

  • I submitted the survey before looking at the new web interface for task management and now i can't provide feedback so here it is.

    The task board and drag and drop features are great, they work a little strange in Chrome though

    Things i think that are missing:

    1. Linking to an item should have search capabilities rather than having to know the work item ID ahead of time

    2. Backlog doesn't seem to refresh if its been added to, i created a child of an item and didn't see it until your refresh the page

    3. In Scrum there is the concept of an Epic which is a user story that could span teams and be split into smaller user stories. this is possible via hierarchy but the managing and reporting doesn't exist. IE it would be good if you can see that a user story on the Task Board belongs to an epic. And there should be a way to help close these once all user stories are complete.

    4. User stories are very disjointed from the tasks that implement it. It would be good if you could open the user story and see a change history from all the tasks and who added to it. Take a look at SpecLog, they way they combine this feedback into one simple history would be good.

  • Also being able to have custom colors for the task board would be good. you could have one for Dev and one for Testing. Not sure if its possible but can you add status columns to the task board as well like a Ready for review status

  • How about taking all the fixes you've found for VS-2010 performance and giving a SP2 to VS-2010, instead of always plowing forward to

  • Surely you want make those who paid big bucks for VS-2010 (remember how much MS hyped it up??) just get the next version in order to get the new performance enhancements.

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