Visual Studio 2010 SP1 – now available on Microsoft Update

Visual Studio 2010 SP1 – now available on Microsoft Update

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As of today, Visual Studio 2010 SP1 is now available through Microsoft Update. If you have opted into Microsoft Update and haven’t installed SP1 yet, you will soon have it offered to you. The service pack was initially released in March and includes some often requested feature improvements, fixes that improve reliability as well as the most commonly-reported customer bugs.

For more information, check out the following blog posts and links:


Jack Unverferth
The Visual Studio Professional Team

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  • Is this how the Service packs will be distributed in the future? Because that would make it even better.

  • Great! But why does it take 7 months to get something distributed via MU?

  • Any information on when the .NET debugging symbols and reference source code will be updated for the SP1? The .NET source debugging in Visual Studio appears to be broken since the SP1 came out.

  • When I saw this post I thought you actually issued something new, but no, that's the same SP1 that we already had half a year ago, that did next to nothing for us, C++ developers. In fact, this SP1 has introduced a new problem in that installing it breaks the installation of the Windows SDK (which, of course, all C++ developers who write for Windows use) by removing the x64 compilers. You have to install another package which you don't mention here (the compiler fix) to fix the problem.

    Meh, and I thought you actually did something... Silly me.

  • VS2010 SP1 has been out a very long time, and doesn't fix much (relative to the quantity of bugs + slowness in the IDE)

    When is SP2 shipping?!?!?

  • How about taking the new performance fixes you've gathered for VS 11 and give them to 2010 in a SP2???

  • ooops...I forgot, if you give the VS 11 performance fixes to 2010 with a SP2, how would you lure people into buying VS 11?

  • @Rangoric, VS service packs have been available through Microsoft Update for several versions now. Not sure why it's taken so long to push VS2010's out, though. It could surely have been tagged "optional" if they didn't want to shove it down everyone's throats, and upgraded to "important" later if necessary.

  • How about releasing VS2010 iso image with integrated SP1? bcoz installing vs2010 and sp1 saparatly is a pain.

  • @How about...

    knowing that Microsoft actually *maintains* the product they sell you would be a pretty strong selling point IMO. Backporting a few fixes from VS11 to VS10 is not a reason to skip VS11, it'd make both VS10 and VS11 far more attractive.

    The thing that makes VS11 a hard sell for me is the knowledge that it'll basically be stuck with the bugs and flaws it has at release *forever*. Just like VS10.

    But Microsoft, sadly, still lives in the stone age (or the 1980's), back when distributing software was a huge deal, and it wasn't practically *possible* to update a product once shipped. Either that, or they actually believe that not supporting your products is a good way to run a business...

  • @grumpy

    You're right...the root problem is that once you buy the release, like it or not, that's it.  Then MS is off to making the next one.  For the consumer, it sounds like a disposable commodity rather than an investment.

  • How about fixing Bing search results when searching for vs2010 sp1? The download link can be found inside the 11th result ( and the direct link is nowhere.

  • @ Fix Bing as well

    Thanks for sharing this information about your search experience. Unfortunately I'm not able to reproduce on my side. When I search Bing for "vs2010 sp1", this is my first result:

    Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1 (Installer)

    Overview. This download installs Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1 (SP1). This service pack release addresses issues that were found through a combination of customer ... · Cached page · Mark as spam

  • grumpy wrote: "..., or they actually believe that not supporting your products is a good way to run a business..."

    You got it! Just look here:

  • Hi,

    I had VS 2010 Ultimate Installed on my pc. Recently I have installed VS 2010 SP1 side by side. Now my question can open VS 2010 SP1 separetely ? when open VS 2010 , no option is provided, as a result I cant differentiate whether i ave opened VS 2010 ultimate or VS 2010 SP1 ? The goal is to use SqlServerCE 4.0 with VS 2010 SP1. But I can't do so.

    am just puzzled...!!! Any suggestion please...?

    Thank You

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