Give us your feedback on Visual Studio 11 etc. and receive a gift!

Give us your feedback on Visual Studio 11 etc. and receive a gift!

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The Microsoft Visual Studio Design Research Team is looking for participants to give us direct feedback on our development tools, languages and libraries!  Opportunities include usability studies of upcoming features, focus groups where we explore new ideas, as well as 1:1 interviews.

What do you get out of it?

When you are selected to participate in one of our research studies, benefits include a combination of the following:

  • A chance to see and use upcoming tools, features, and language/library enhancements
  • Interact directly with members of our development teams to discuss your requirements for efficient and effective tools,
  • Directly influence future design decisions, and
  • Receive a choice of a Microsoft product from our gratuity list - ranging from Visual Studio Pro thru Xbox games!  

We have a brief enrollment form that will ask you a few questions about your company, your job, and the software and languages you actively use. We will contact you as soon as we have a research study that matches your specific background and/or interests.

Enrollment Form

This enrollment should only take 3-5 minutes to complete.  For more information about the program feel free to email us at  Please note that the Enrollment link originates from Microsoft User Research and is hosted by our survey software provider. Visit if you have any concerns. Please note that government employees and non-U.S. residents are not eligible for a Microsoft gratuity.

Karl Melder
UX Lead, DevDiv User Experience

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  • Great idea. Couldn't resist signing up :)

  • Where can I post feedback and suggestions about Visual studio features?

  • @Andriy Visual Studio UserVoice is the best place to add your feedback and suggestions. Thanks for using Visual Studio!

    Cathy Sullivan

    Program Manager

    Visual Studio C#/VB IDE

  • Very Sad :(

    offer is only for US Resident only :(

  • Good to see more update for WP

  • Such irresistible deal and open for only US-Residents. No Fair! Nonetheless we all love Visual Studio for the ease and simplicity it has created.

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  • Why is this only open to US Residents? I'm sure the other 95.6% of the world's population is also happy to help and feels awkward to be left out of the loop!

  • hmm...only US?

    and why are bugs marked as fixed when they clearly aren't, if not reproducible, then first ask for more info etc before closing...

    people working on a bonus scheme or something?

  • Yeah Microsoft, VS11 is GREEAAAT. Especially since I love seeing this message on about 75% of my builds:

    0 succeeded, 1 failed, 0 up-to-date, 0 skipped

  • In the olden days, the project manager responsible for the "new" interface in Visual Studio 2012 would have been handed a towel and a small sword to throw himself upon.

    It is seriously that bad, guys.  You are starting to scare me... like that you might actually screw up that bad...

  • 1. If I have two instances of Visual Studio Open, each with a Web Project, I can only use Preview on 1 of them.

    Really? I was able to do this in prior versions. Now it returns Server Application not Available.  

    2. Slow

    Read ANY review on the Internet

    2. Bad CSS formatting

    Come on Microsoft, why do you insist on forcing us to code one of three different-ways (compact, semi-compact, and indented). In prior version I could turn off your auto-formatting which NO ONE IN THE WORLD likes. But, I can't now?

    3. Bad auto-complete.

    It is common for me to use multiple classes on an element. Hitting space will close the quotes and put the cursor to the right. No way under options to disable this.

    Other than your pricing for Surface, this has to be the second biggest disaster that came out of your area.

    If Sublime Text had a Build Package for .net, I would ditch this version in a heart-beat.

    Very disappointed customer,


    PS. I was a Visual Studio user since Visual Studio 3. This has got to be the worst release I have seen.

  • I've been a .Net developer for over 10 years, and have always liked Visual  I just began trying to work with VS 2012 about a week ago.  It's terrible.  I thought maybe the 3 updates would help, but no.  It's not the look. I don't like the look either, but the problem is the performance.  It just doesn't work well for the things I've been trying to do, mostly just simple ASP.Net development.  It hangs frequently, sometimes for good.  I've had to kill the process several times.  The intellisense isn't working in many cases. Some project types that I frequently work with (such as the Setup type to create MSIs) are no longer there. Finally I gave up and went back to 2010, which hasn't caused me any problems.  I searched on "Visual Studio 2012 sucks" and found a link to this blog.  I'm disappointed that it doesn't have more activity.  I think maybe I should just stick with VS2010 or even 2008, which I've used with no problems for years.

  • I've been around for quite a while and I have to say that vs2012 is, without a doubt, the worse version to date.

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