Visual Studio 11 Beta Available Now!

Visual Studio 11 Beta Available Now!

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Today, we're excited to announce that Visual Studio 11 Beta is now available for download.

Back in September, we announced the release of Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview and detailed the simplification efforts we made across the IDE, integration of the best and most popular features from the Productivity Power Tools and effort to improve project compatibility scenarios.

Since then, we've been busy improving and fine tuning experiences in Visual Studio and also addressing feedback and known issues from the Developer Preview. We’ve invested in performance improvements in the areas of responsiveness and memory utilization.

Take a look at what's new in Visual Studio 11 Beta and .NET Framework 4.5 Beta on MSDN and for a more in-depth discussion, see Jason Zander’s discussion of the Beta release . We also encourage you to check out the new Windows 8 App Developer Blog to learn more about how to build great Metro style apps for Windows 8.

Last week, we revealed the new developer experience (in Part 1, Part 2) and showed you screenshots of the new user interface, iconography, search capabilities and how we've streamlined common workflows. Many of you had a lot of passionate feedback on these posts. We have read all the comments, and you will hear more about this from us soon. In coming weeks, we’ll be using this blog to talk about many of the other specific features of Visual Studio 11.

We Want Your Feedback!

Your feedback is an important part of our software development cycle. We review every comment that we receive and are constantly using this feedback to improve the product. Now that the Beta is available, we hope you will install and work with it, and continue to send us your feedback on how it all comes together.

If you encounter a bug or an issue, please report it through the Visual Studio, LightSwitch, and Blend Connect sites. We also want to hear your suggestions or feature ideas/improvements so please add your suggestions to UserVoice or vote on other user’s suggestions.


The Visual Studio Team

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  • Downloading :)

  • Hi, I've been waiting for this for some time but I'm a bit disapointed by the requirement to have a MSDN account. I can't afford one, I don't have my own company but I work on projects at home which purpose is to allow me later to build a business over. I understand that all MSDN is available for startup using a special program (I don't remember the name) but I'm not there yet, still you want feedback.

    Is there any legal way for somemone not having a MSDN account to get this beta?


  • you can get it hier:

    or directly here:

    without msdn

  • Where's (when's) the new beta of Expression Blend?

  • Awesome! Looks like I didn't see this page.


  • @Joël Lamotte - There is no subscriber account required to download Visual Studio 11 Beta. You can find the downloads here:


    Cathy Sullivan

    Program Manager - Visual Studio Code Experience

  • @expression, the Expression Beta for Windows 8 development and design is included in the installation with the Visual Studio 11 Beta.

    We have more information about the Blend Beta on our team blog at

    Let us know what you think!

  • Does anyone else have a bug where Fonts/Colors options for Text Editor doesn't list any of the Display Items?

    With Dev Preview I had Courier New font for the text editor after uninstalling and installing the Beta text editor font was reverted back to Consolas and changing it doesn't reflect in the editor.

  • Anyone else having issues getting the Extension Manager to load? I'll follow up on connect, but the error I am receiving is:

    The component 'Microsoft.VisualStudio.ExtensionManager.UI.ExtensionManagerWindow' does not have a resource identified by the URI '/Microsoft.VisualStudio.ExtensionManager.Implementation;component/ui/extensionmanagerwindow.xaml'.

  • @Donatas please log a bug on our Connect site with as much detail as possible (i.e. Do you have project(s) open when this occurs? Did you previously change themes or other fonts/colors before this occured?).


    Cathy Sullivan

    Program Manager - Visual Studio Code Experience

  • Awesome.

    Only two reboots were needed to install it =)

    Anyway. For HOW long developers will suffer from nonresizable and ugly Tools->Options window?

  • I had the problem with editor colors. What I did was:

    * Uninstall Visual Studio 11 Dev Preview (and everything installed same date)

    * Reboot

    * Install Visual Studio 11 Beta

    = Editor Colors empty

    * Uninstall Visual Assist (not sure if this is needed)

    = Editors Colors crashes devenv

    * Delete AppData/Local/Microsoft/VisualStudio/11.0

    * Delete Documents/Visual Studio 11

    * Delete HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\VisualStudio\11.0

    * Delete HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\VisualStudio\11.0_Config

    * Everything seems to be working correctly

    Now I just need to fix Visual Studio 2010 which seems to have broken loading projects.

  • but I'm still on Vista!!!

  • But no Windows Phone project? Why?

  • OK, mandatory feedback on the UI.

    Now that I had it in my hands:

    1. It's less horrible than on screenshots, because when I work I focus on code (mostly). So whatever is around, be it grayish (2012), blue (2010), or pink unicorns I don't really pay attention.

    2. BUT when my attention leaves the code and I have to use the VS chrome, I still dislike it, for the same reasons as expected from the screenshots:

    3. It's ugly (for the most parts).

    4. Icons have become useless. I only scan the text in menus or solution explorer to find what I'm looking for. The lack of color makes it much harder than before (e.g. I was used to yellow = solution folder, green = code (I'm a C# guy)).

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