The Visual Studio 11 Beta Survey is Live!

The Visual Studio 11 Beta Survey is Live!

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It’s been just 3 weeks since we released Visual Studio 11 Beta, and we’d like to hear what you think! Let us know your impressions by taking the Visual Studio 11 Beta survey.

We do these surveys with most of our releases, and they help us gauge how we are doing with core areas such as performance, reliability, and quality. In this survey, we’re also looking for your opinions on areas such as setup and project/solution compatibility. Your input will help us continue to improve Visual Studio. We really appreciate your feedback.


Doug Turnure
Program Manager – Visual Studio Team

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  • The installation was unbelievably free of problems despite the poor condition of the laptop on which it was installed. You find more here..

  • Pretty please, can we have XP (SP3) targeting support? That's all I ask.. Otherwise, C++11 adaptation will just have to wait an year or two on our part. Which, as you might guess, is pretty sad.

  • How long will the survey be open? I haven't been able to work much with the beta yet.

  • I am using VS11 beta and really not happy with it.  I am using Window7 but still believe that window 98 gray color is best. I am not from a long time so I don't know about it much more.

    Vs11 back color match classic themes that's good but it's not perfect now it's hard to use.

    Can you make your VS11 beta compatible when I use classic mode in window 7



  • After about three solid weeks of using VS 11 beta I'm really digging the performance and the UI responsiveness during activities like a build. The one performance pain point I'm hitting is with running unit tests.  The startup time is very noticeable and annoying.

    I thought the SCREAMING CAPS tool window title bars would bother but they don't.  The colors, or should I say - lack of color, bothers me but not as much as I thought it would.  I'd like to see some color brought back but perhaps not as bright as before e.g. muted/less saturated colors.

  • Can you add a style used in VS2010 and let users choose between the "dull" new look, or classic, or VS2010 style ?

  • Things are looking good overall.  I would like to suggest adding the WinRT libraries to the non-Windows 8 install.  We could then code and compile on a more stable OS (currently) and remote debug on a Windows 8 Box.  This would be easier that developing on the current slate of tablets or dual booting Windows or current other items.  It should also allow us to have a solution shared between WP7 and Win8.

    Thanks for the efforts!

  • @Andrew McDonald

    We'll leave the survey open for about 3 weeks. The goal is to get give people enough time to use the product in a meaningful fashion to provide hands-on feedback, and still analyze the results soon enough to consider it in our planning.

    It's a bit of a balancing act, but this window seems to be the best fit for the Beta release.

    Doug Turnure - Visual Studio PM

  • Is Microsoft ever going to acknowledge the countless of negative comments regarding the new UI?

  • I haven't been able to use it for day to day work yet, since sourcegear vault enhanced client does not work in it, and they are dragging their feet on working out what has to be done to do fix it (or perhaps just planing on making only the yet to be released Vault 6 support VS11 in enhanced mode).

    Since i cant use it i cant really take the survey since i don't have enough experience with it.

  • What about the extensibility model in VS11? Any enhancements/modifications done?

    I couldn't find any blog post or announcements regarding this. Can you please give some links?


  • After I finished the survey I ran into my biggest problem with VS11. A problem which made me uninstall it and will make me unable to use it in it's current state: .NET 4.5 has overwritten .NET 4.0.

    I use NANT as a built script, which in turn uses CSC.exe to compile the sources. But the CSC in the .NET 4.0 folder is the .NET 4.5 version and it compiles (be default) against the .NET 4.5 framework. So when I installed a newly build version of my application on a test server, the application starting spewing errors about missing references. After some investigation it turned out my application was depending on the .NET 4.5 beta framework, even though it imports MSCORLIB 4.0.

    So in it's current state, the beta is unusable for me. I never had these problems with the VS beta's before this one (2002, 2003, 2005, 2010) and I *really* hope this is not "by design", because that will make VS11 (and .NET 4.5) probably unusable for me unless we upgrade *all* our .NET 4.0 applications to .NET 4.5.

  • I hope that Microsoft is NOT overestimating the negative comments on the UI! Grumbler scream always louder than the persons that agree with the changes.

  • Okay I'm probably the last to focus on aesthetics for a dev tool but guys,, the UI, seriously? I thought my installation was incomplete or something (also tried cleaning my glasses but that didn't seem to work). I tried to like it, I really did, but just can't... Depresses me and as a result lowers my productivity. Also  now have to focus on which icon to click whereas the color/icon/contrast of VS2010 made it very clear. I spend 12-16 hours a day staring at VS, and I need the color, icons AND CONTRAST of VS2010. Why does this have to be a contest? As Naoufel mentioned in a previous comment, how about giving us the choice between the VS2010 style or this new grey look? Is it really that big of a deal? Thus far functionally I haven't had a problem.

  • Is there an option to revert to old behaviour for "Comment out the selected lines" in express beta for web? It seems the new beta version no longer does that and instead of selecting the lines you click an opening tag then click that command and it will comment out that entire tag and contents (which works). Unfortunately most of the time it's not a single tag I want to comment out so I either get the toolbar button greyed out if I select lines or if it's available and I click on it, it doesn't work or it throws an error about index out of range or visual studio crashes.

    (sorry if this is a duplicate, I got no confirmation message this had posted first time)

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