The Visual Studio 11 Beta Survey is Live!

The Visual Studio 11 Beta Survey is Live!

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It’s been just 3 weeks since we released Visual Studio 11 Beta, and we’d like to hear what you think! Let us know your impressions by taking the Visual Studio 11 Beta survey.

We do these surveys with most of our releases, and they help us gauge how we are doing with core areas such as performance, reliability, and quality. In this survey, we’re also looking for your opinions on areas such as setup and project/solution compatibility. Your input will help us continue to improve Visual Studio. We really appreciate your feedback.


Doug Turnure
Program Manager – Visual Studio Team

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  • Doug !!, I have a difficult time understanding why your opening splash screen is so fragmented and sluggish, especially during setup. When I use a program that is video intense, such as Pinnacle, or Adobe Photoshop, which both have animated splash screens, they run as smooth as silk on this computer. I am a bit fearful of making the install for fear that it might respond in this fragmented and very slow manner. I am going to look again at the minimum Ram.

    I am using a Dell Inspiron 580,  64 bit with Intel Core i3-550@3.2ghz CPU and 6mb Ram with 1tb Sata HDD, running Windows 7 Home Premium Version, no touch screen.

  • I would like to the the VS 2011 Express editions have targets for Desktop Applications.

    And why has the command-line build environment has been removed from Windows 8 SDK?

    There should be a possibility to install a command-line build environment as it was one in the SDKs before.


  • During a check-in, the way you are doing "excluded changes" is great.  I love the visibility of it. (Though wish it wouldn't cut off after a certain number of lines).  

    How easily could you implement a way to take those excluded changes and push them into a shelveset at will?  Since shelving is on the same panel, i'm not sure how it would flow, but it would be convenient to have my check-in defined, but be able to do the shelving of the excluded changes before I do the check in...  

  • I am not sure if I will try VS 2011 once the previous version VS 2010 always crash without specific reason.  I tried to work with it and I give up, returning back to the old VS 2008 that at least works!  It is terrible to launch a new version each year once is not stable unless the VS 2011 is to fix the big piece of garbage that the version 2010 is...

  • I am disappointed with the changed colour scheme to the development area, poor when compared with VS2010. I also think the toolbars ae cluttered and because of the colour schemes the right tools are not easy to find.

    The help is extremely comprehensive but you need to be a VS guru to find what you need and it is not helpful to a novice. Some plain English explanations would be useful.

    It appears that Microsoft are trying to keep Expression Web and Visual Studio very much in line but some nice features in EW have not been included in VS and vice versa. Maybe the 2 development teams could talk to each other.

  • very good software. i  like it very much.

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