Welcome to the Developer Tools Blog Network

Welcome to the Developer Tools Blog Network

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Sometimes it can be hard to keep up with all the top content across our many developer blogs. This makes sense, given that we have thousands of blogs! We want to make it easier for you to find and subscribe to the topics you’re interested in.

Today we’re introducing the Developer Tools blog network, which connects the top Microsoft developer blogs. You can see that as a member of network, this blog now contains a set of tabs at the top, which make it easy to discover and navigate to blogs in different topic areas:

If you go to the Developer Tools blog network site itself, you will see an aggregate feed of all these blogs together. You can subscribe to this feed by clicking the “All Developer Tools Blogs” RSS button.

If you just want to keep up with all the latest announcements and releases (another common request), you can navigate to the news tab above for a filtered list.

With today’s update, you’ll notice a few other changes on this blog such as a refreshed user interface. There are some new controls on the right, including videos, twitter, facebook and more. We hope these allow you to connect with us in more ways.


We look forward to hearing what you think about these updates, and continuing the conversations with you all on this blog.


Lisa Feigenbaum – Senior Community Program Manager, Microsoft Developer Division 

Short Bio: 
Lisa manages community activities for the Developer Division, such as blogs and the MVP program. She has been a member of the Visual Studio team since 2004, and started her career as a Feature PM for the Visual Studio IDE. Before joining Microsoft, Lisa earned an M.Sc. and B.A. in Applied Mathematics from Harvard University.

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  • I like the new look!

  • :D The "POST" button here is ALL CAPS..... I wonder why no one is complaining........ :D :)

  • Where are the rating buttons??

  • @Lisa: What about the ratings?

  • Excellent that the comments are fixed.

    Is there any reason the Building Windows 8 doesn't use the new theme?

    As mentioned before the comment section there is a special kind of terrible. It's very common for someone to add a comment just to find out it didn't post and you can't get the comment back again and you have to retype it.

  • Hi everyone,

    Thanks for all the comments on the ratings. This is a temporary change, and is something we will be bringing back in a future update to the site.


    Lisa Feigenbaum

    Visual Studio Team

  • @ cpmcgrath

    Sorry to hear about that. I know I've had some comments disappear before on blogs, and I understand it can be frustrating. Unfortunately I'm probably not the best person to answer on the Windows team's blog design decisions. However if you have an opportunity to post on one of their blogs, hopefully you can ask them directly.


    Lisa Feigenbaum

  • The Languages \ JavaScript link in menu leads to a broken place.

  • The changes aren't bad, but that's form, not substance. The substance, on the other hand, is still woefully lacking. We can post comments alright, but the purpose of doing that is unclear, as the vital questions raised in them aren't being answered.

  • There is lack of consistency. Lot of pages (for eample VC++ team blog) are independent blogs, and does not share common tabbed menu. Make these link to open in separate browser tab. Moving backward by to 'Tools blog' is annoying.

    Improve performance, waiting 7-8 second is too long

  • Thanks for your comments, Tristan! The VC++ blog will be updated with the blog network theme next week, so fortunately it will behave as you expect at that time. For any blog which we are not able to re-theme, we will follow the model you've suggested to open in a new tab. We'll also investigate to see what we can do about the performance. This may be related to some of the feeds we're pulling in. Thanks again for writing, - Lisa Feigenbaum, Visual Studio Team

  • Now that the comment paging is back, I have to say I liked the old comment paging UI much better.

    It was easier to use b/c there was a larger button area to click. With the new style, I need to aim carefully and hit a single number or the tiny >> character. It just slows down the whole experience to make it a bit unpleasant now.

  • @jschroedl:

    Be thankful the comment text doesn't get automatically capitalized after you click POST.

    Sorry, couldn't resist. :-)

  • Seriously, Is Microsoft incapable of making a decent commenting system? First we had the terrible system on Building Windows 8 where you have to copy your post before sending it as there was over a 50% chance it wouldn't get sent and there would be no way to get what you wrote back, and on this new site you've forgotten to page comments so the majority of them can't be seen!

  • Hello, everybody -- Thanks for all the responses to the new design. We will have ratings back shortly after TechEd, and we're working to fix problems that have cropped up with the changes made to the blog CSS. If you aren't seeing the Comments pager still, please let me know here and I will make fixing it a priority -- I see it in IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari on both PC and Mac.

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