Visual Studio 2012 RC Available Now!

Visual Studio 2012 RC Available Now!

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Today, we're excited to announce that Visual Studio 2012 RC is now available for download on our Visual Studio product website.

Since the release of Beta, we’ve been hard at work making final touches, addressing top customer feedback from Beta, and improving performance across the IDE. Take an in-depth look at what's new in the Release Candidate (RC) of Visual Studio 2012 RC and .NET Framework 4.5 on Jason Zander’s blog. We also encourage you to check out the new Windows 8 App Developer Blog to learn more about how to build great Metro style apps for Windows 8.

Last week, we gave you a sneak peak at the user interface updates coming in RC and even gave you a behind the scenes look at what’s coming in RTM for the dark theme. Keep an eye out for upcoming posts here on the Visual Studio blog as we have a great line up planned.

If you encounter a bug or an issue, please report it through the Visual Studio, LightSwitch, and Blend Connect sites. We also want to hear your suggestions or feature ideas/improvements so please add your suggestions to UserVoice or vote on other user’s suggestions.


The Visual Studio Team

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  • Web install is for schmucks.


  • You can find the ISO download in Step #3 here:


    Cathy Sullivan

    Program Manager, Visual Studio Pro Experience Team

  • Ultimate? Who's got $15k to spend on a compiler?  Where is the 'Pro' ISO?

  • Hi all,

    We know that most of you are dedicated to ISO images. As Cathy mentions we have provided those for those who want to use these.

    In listening to administrators. I know how frustrating it can be to download an ISO, mount it and then start to use the mounted image only to find out that the image was corrupted.  So then you pull out your hashing check, have to look for the validation code and redownload the ISO image.

    To avoid such frustration, we engineered the vs_ultimatelayout.exe. This product avoids many of the pitfalls associated with downloading a very garganuan ISO image, through using the web bootstrapper technology to create a distribution point to a location that you desire. This eliminates the need for mounting software, knowing hash codes. Further, the web bootstrapper utilizes multiple downloading protocols in order to ensure a robust download and ensures that each binary downloaded is valid, otherwise it will automatically redownload or if it fails will let you know.

    We hope that you will try out the vs_ultimatelayout.exe and send us feedback about your experience.


    Aaron Ruckman

    Program Manager, Visual Studio Setup Team

  • Where is the 'Pro' ISO?  Is there a 'Pro' ISO or not?  A simple link, or a "there isn't one" is the only proper response.

  • VS Express for desktop NOW!

  • Is it possible to upgrade TFS server from beta to RC in place?

  • With .NET Framework 4.5 beta installed start vs_ultimate web installer and got:

    The .NET Framework installed on this machine does not meet the minimum required version: 4.5.50501.

    Downloaded .net Framework 4.5 RC, start the installer and got:

    Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 is already a part of this operating system.  You do not need to install the .NET Framework 4.5 redistributable.

    Uninstaller .NET Framework 4.5 beta and still got same error.

    It seems a challenge to being able to install VS 2012 RC

  • To get rid of the CAPS in the menu, go to Tools > Customize..., click on the Commands tab and use the Modify Selection option to change the name as required.

  • Max - RC doesn't install on consumer preview - need to also upgrade Windows 8 to Release Preview.

  • Where is the Pro Iso?

  • Willys - MSFT

    @Upgrade process ... yes, you can upgrade TFS Server from BETA to RC. Also see the Team Foundation Server Upgrade Guide ( which covers upgrade scenarios and post-upgrade issues for Team Foundation Server 2012 RC and associated technologies.

  • I am sorry but I HATE the new logo, the existing logo was soooo cool.....

  • Professional ISO can be found here:

    Scroll down to step #3, click the link.

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