Visual Studio 2012 RC Available Now!

Visual Studio 2012 RC Available Now!

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Today, we're excited to announce that Visual Studio 2012 RC is now available for download on our Visual Studio product website.

Since the release of Beta, we’ve been hard at work making final touches, addressing top customer feedback from Beta, and improving performance across the IDE. Take an in-depth look at what's new in the Release Candidate (RC) of Visual Studio 2012 RC and .NET Framework 4.5 on Jason Zander’s blog. We also encourage you to check out the new Windows 8 App Developer Blog to learn more about how to build great Metro style apps for Windows 8.

Last week, we gave you a sneak peak at the user interface updates coming in RC and even gave you a behind the scenes look at what’s coming in RTM for the dark theme. Keep an eye out for upcoming posts here on the Visual Studio blog as we have a great line up planned.

If you encounter a bug or an issue, please report it through the Visual Studio, LightSwitch, and Blend Connect sites. We also want to hear your suggestions or feature ideas/improvements so please add your suggestions to UserVoice or vote on other user’s suggestions.


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  • I'm really disappointed about the lack of color in the solution explorer. I thought the VS team was bringing back color, but most of the icons are still monochrome. I stare at that thing all day, and with monochrome it hurts my eyes. This is the first release of VS in 10 years where I don't want to move to it.

    Please please please make xaml and classes files stand out and easily distinguishable in the solution explorer. Adding a smidgen of color is not enough. Make them stand out! I know you've made .cs files slightly green, but come on!

  • Over the last couple of releases, you've given with one hand, and taken away with the other.  Please stop it.  

  • Please get rid of the BIGGG window top-left corner icon. I don't mind new logo design, but I mind that it is too big. Makes an impression that it might be an Office2007-like orb button, except that it is not. And it won't activate when clicking in top-left screen corner, as it should.

    Also, please add some distinctive colour for the title bar. There is too much monotone gray empty screen surface now to the right of the toolbars.

    My overall impression is that the light theme is too light, and the dark theme is too dark.

    Adding some linework and more shades would help.

  • Where is the Object and Timeline in Visual Studio 2012 / How do I create + edit Storyboards, and where is the WPF support in Blend - am I going mad? should I get mad ?  

  • The product is better in many aspects, except the UI is not easy to use!

    1) Will wait for VS.NET 2014

    2) Will have a look at Eclipse or Netbeans for html development, they are horrible, but maybe they improved a bit, who knows.

  • I have already commented when you posted screenshots but now that I see VS 2012 in action and have tried to use it, the ridiculous GUI changes appear even worse to me: whenever I am using VS 2012, I feel like VS isn't selected so I keep clicking inside it, waiting for that grey title bar to change color. This is just one of many reasons why drawing a custom chrome is beyond stupid. There are other reasons, such as making it harder to drag the window, or harder to locate the close button.

    Aside from the title bar always looking as if it were in a non-focused state, I have had trouble with grey icons and the little bit of colors you added. Please stop insulting us by continuously claiming you listen to us, when the top feedback has been to revert your failed monochrome icons to those in VS 2010.

    The icons to comment / uncomment code are nonsensical; at the very least, they should be reversed: "X" should mean "remove code", ie "comment".

    I didn't think you could do worse than the previous beta in terms of UI but you actually have. These "custom" title bar, menu bar & toolbar are worthless. They only add confusion. Pathetic.

  • Yeah!

  • @Zouzou: yes, there is a semantical error with the comment/uncomment icons. Now they depict "creating a new comment" and "removing an existing comment", but they are NEVER used in this sense. Rather, they should mean "make this code fragment a comment", and "make this fragment a code again".

  • Bugger off microsoft with your METROED VS 2012 We have spoken, we told you we hate all you have done with vs in this iteration and you have not listened so f*** off

  • I really liked the smooth installation of the rc over the beta.

    It is different, but I am one of the people who actually liked the background gray in the beta, but that gray has changed to light light gray in the RC and I liked the beta better.  I think it would be great to have more than 2 themes.  

    The title bar is bigger because of the bigger icon, which remove space for the important things, so I think the icon should be smaller.  On the other end, I think it is great to have moved the quick search to the title bar, which make use of that empty space, and it is still visible when hiding the menu via extensions.

    So far, I like the new visual studio a lot.  It is incredibly faster than vs2010 and the interface is better IMO.


  • The ALL CAPS ISSUE is just a DWORD!

  • That's great!  Now if only we can find a DWORD that enables XP support...

  • Is there a DWORD to replace the horrendous UI with that of VS 2010?

  • What was wrong with the nice icons and graphics in VS2010. This looks like my 5 year old has been playing with paint. really really bad.

    Almost as bad as removing the start button from Win 8 !!

  • @Adam - that's funny.  Yeah, and all this is because they fear being left out of the tablet can trace it all back to trying to push Win 8 "apps".  Bull-headed.

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