Visual Studio 2012 released to the web!

Visual Studio 2012 released to the web!

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On August 15th, we announced the release of Visual Studio 2012 to the web! Make sure to visit Somasegar’s Blog for the announcement, and if you haven’t downloaded yet, check out Jason Zander’s Blog for 12 reasons to upgrade. There was a lot of buzz across the blogs, so here’s a rollup of additional posts you might want to read about the release:

Start Downloading

MSDN Subscribers can download from the MSDN Subscriber Download Page. For free trial and Express versions, these releases are available on our Visual Studio product website.

To learn more about Visual Studio 2012, join us on September 12th for the Visual Studio 2012 Launch event online at

As always, we want to hear your suggestions or feature ideas/improvements so please add your suggestions to UserVoice or vote on other user’s suggestions.


Cathy Sullivan (Program Manager) and the Visual Studio Team

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  • The UI makes it not worth the effort. Thanks but no thanks. I'll stick with VS2010

  • I read somewhere that Visual Studio Express for Windows Desktop is going to be released separately later this year. Any timeframe on that?

  • Installed it today - but I don't see myself using much in the near future - as long as it still has those hard to distinguish icons (those few more pixels of color don't really change much IMHO) -- I wan't the old ones back. So hopefully there will be a VS 2010 theme soon.

  • Please, in at least SOME of your announcements, say ANYTHING about the version people care about, the one targetting Desktop applications.

    It's getting a bit tiresome to follow every little announce just to see that there's someone parroting the same old bits about stuff being downloadable, when it's completely ignoring some of the lineup.

  • Simply installing VS2012 broke my 4.0 apps.  Had to completely uninstall VS2012 and .net 4.5 and reinstall 4.0.  Way to go MS.

  • When are the Desktop version and the XP targeting support update going to be released? Will Visual Studio fr Desktop support 64-bit compilation?

  • We've tested using our solution (71 projects) in VS2012 with a high degree of success. Setup projects were lost in the wash but ours were just used to bundle files for the main part. The IDE is a drawback, not so much the code editor but moreso Pending Changes window changes.

    The performance increases for loading the solution and compilation is excellent. Our solution load time is down from 3:30 (3min 30s) to less than 0:10 (10s). Compile time for rebuild solution is down from 3 min to 2 min.

    The solution has been left as dot net 4 for VS2010 compatibility.

  • You want to hear our suggestions ? Please, do not tell us that BS

  • "As always, we want to hear your suggestions or feature ideas/improvements" Huh. As if. And what is the point of giving you our suggestions and/or feature ideas/improvements if you don't even regard them?! Alrighty then, here's a suggestion AND a so-called "feature" improvement: GET RID OF THE ALL CAPS!!!! And let's not forget about XP support in VS2012/.NET4.5. Oh, you didn't get that? How about this: DON'T FORGET ABOUT XP SUPPORT. Again: DON'T FORGET ABOUT XP SUPPORT. Yet again: DON'T FORGET ABOUT XP SUPPORT. How many times do I have to say this to get it implemented?? Probably thrice the 1300+ times users have said they HATE ALL CAPS to even be noticed. Maybe Ballmer should run jumping and screaming on the stage "XP SUPPORT!! XP SUPPORT!! XP SUPPORT!!" to get through your thick skulls. "As always, we want to hear your suggestions or feature ideas/improvements". Oh please, you've lied enough already and disappointed us beyond measure with this horrible UI and lack of XP support.

  • No GO

  • @NJ: Gee, Windows XP is almost dead, get over it.

  • If you (like I) don't like the ALL CAPS MENU. These instructions get rid of them

    Still not over keen on the "Metro"/"Whatever MS are calling it these days" look. But overall in performance I am finding it a LOT better than VS2010.

  • Yes I download it, happy development :-)

  • I'm having trouble locating Visual Studio 2012 Keybinding Posters like the ones available for Visual Studio 2010.

    Could you please describe where, when or if these are/will be available?

    P.S. Thanks to Eric Lippert for all the great blogs!

  • Merging the old Pending Changes window into the Team Explorer window is really a disaster. Please fix ASAP. It is like using the point of a screw driver to hammer a nail.

    I'm also a little sad that one no longer can use macros, and the alternative is to implement a fully fledged addin.

    But I really like that VS2012 has actually become faster, never seen this before. It is faster at opening solutions. It is faster at starting debugger. It is faster at performing intellisense lookups, and the intellisense now has intelligent code completion lookups.

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