Visual Studio 2012 released to the web!

Visual Studio 2012 released to the web!

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On August 15th, we announced the release of Visual Studio 2012 to the web! Make sure to visit Somasegar’s Blog for the announcement, and if you haven’t downloaded yet, check out Jason Zander’s Blog for 12 reasons to upgrade. There was a lot of buzz across the blogs, so here’s a rollup of additional posts you might want to read about the release:

Start Downloading

MSDN Subscribers can download from the MSDN Subscriber Download Page. For free trial and Express versions, these releases are available on our Visual Studio product website.

To learn more about Visual Studio 2012, join us on September 12th for the Visual Studio 2012 Launch event online at

As always, we want to hear your suggestions or feature ideas/improvements so please add your suggestions to UserVoice or vote on other user’s suggestions.


Cathy Sullivan (Program Manager) and the Visual Studio Team

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  • "Maybe Ballmer should run jumping and screaming on the stage "XP SUPPORT!! XP SUPPORT!! XP SUPPORT!!" to get through your thick skulls"  :::: EPIC :::: ..but yeah the UI IS HORIBLE S_U_C_K_A_G_E ...Jesus, please help them to fix it, i swear this time you wont be killed so easily ;}

  • If you want to hear our suggestions, how about addressing this UserVoice request, which has over 10,000 votes?

    This has been the subject of thousands of comments on UserVoice, Connect, and MSDN blogs since the VS11 beta was revealed months ago. The new user interface design is extremely unpopular with developers, with its muddy, indistinct, monochromatic panels and icons, but Microsoft just isn't listening.

  • How could you possibly have the nerve to mention UserVoice?

    You have disregarded all the most voted suggestions in there (they are referring to the horrible GUI that has no useful color, no useful border, a dumb, disrespectful chrome; they are referring to the fact that stubborn management has ruined this great product to the ground with pointless, unproductive, uneducated, untested, ugly GUI changes).

    Pointless because people keep repeating that the VS 2010 GUI is close to perfection.

    Unproductive because one can't find anything when icons have no color or when bars have no regular delimitations.

    Uneducated because there are tons of studies out there proving how every single GUI change done in VS 2012 is wrong.

    Untested because you admitted yourselves that your ideas were off after the first beta, when you acknowledged that colors might actually serve some purpose. But of course, you forgot to add them back.

  • Microsoft: The UI of VS2012 is almost unusable. It's a serious eye strain and I cannot use it for more than 20 or 30 mins at a time. Ever since the beta the dev community has been giving you the feedback you have requested which includes the UI, but thus far you apparently have sufficiently acted upon it. There are thousands upon thousands of posts all over the web (including uservoice) indicating the state of our discontentment. I can go into detail regarding the issues but it's all been said before: this grey theme is not conducive to getting anything done. We as developers request that you provide a COMPLETE VS2010 UI theme option. And by COMPLETE we mean complete with the original colors, icons, spacing, borders, fonts etc. Adding a few pixels of color just wont cut it. But if you are not going to do this then be honest with us and tell us, at least we'll feel you're reading our comments and that it's worth our time to provide feedback.  At this time I  (and my organization) will not be using VS2012 until the UI is put in a decent condition. We would like to be able to develop applications for the Win8 style UI and for the upcoming WP8, but at this time just can't- it's just too painful and the the projections on the return on our investment for such devt are anyone's guess. I have always supported Microsoft since the 80's, and have been developing for the low market share, but admittedly great, WP7. In part because I believe Microsoft is in-line with my ideals (which include choice), and in part because the devt tool (i.e. VS2010) is a such a joy to work with, especially compared with xcode. But VS2012 has taken away that joy and made xcode look fantastic by comparison. So what is now left are my ideals,, but the question is: Does Microsoft represent my ideals anymore? Bottom line: Unless we begin to see movement in some reasonable direction (starting with a VS2010 UI theme), then once we complete our existing projects on WP7, we will begin focusing the majority of our efforts elsewhere. Whatever we can continue to devt for using VS2010, we will but that's where we draw the line. I'm sorry to say this but enough is enough. You don't seem to listen to our feedback and we feel like we're being forcefed. Is it too much to ask that you respond to our concerns? Thanks for your time.



  • The UserVoice request I linked above is currently the top-rated request, with more than twice as many votes (10,386) as the next one (4,188).

    I should also have mentioned this one, which is ranked #10 with 1,157 votes:

    Both are about the UI changes, which clearly have inspired a lot of backlash and led a lot of developers to recommend against purchasing VS 2012, yet neither one is even marked as "under review". How can we have any confidence that Microsoft is listening to our suggestions when the top request on UserVoice continues to be ignored?

  • <As always, we want to hear your suggestions or feature ideas/improvements>

    You didn't listen before - are you going to listen now? Probably not :(

    But just in case the GUI is virtualy unusable - fix it please 2010 option would be great!

    The Metro name  is now dead, now complete the job  - Kill its looks as well and all will be well in Microsoft land!

    (at least on the desktop!)

  • The 2012 hurts my eyes - wonder if you are breaking any disability laws with this mess!

  • @Brian "wonder if you are breaking any disability laws with this mess!"

    Interesting that you should mention that. There are many of us with something called 'eye floaters' which is basically a condition that causes the appearance of spots and cobwebs in the eye. This is due to the coalescing of fibers in the virtueous jelly-like substance of the eye. These can occur at any age and are relatively common, ranging from very minor specks to more pronounced spots connected together in what appears as cobwebs to the individual. In any event they cause great difficulty when reading or using the screen, and also cause the eye to change focus often.

    So this new UI of VS2012 greatly exacerbates that condition due to all the use of grey and things blending together. As to why the color grey makes the situation worse than white, I don't know,,, but it does. Color really, really, really helps mask these things. Another thing that helps is detail. The eye tends to want to focus on the detail meaning the physcial focus of the eye remains on the screen rather than it bouncing between the screen and the floater. Losing the detail in the icons is a very bad thing for us.

    So what we have here is sort of like the perfect storm for those suffering from eye conditions: 1) No color, 2) Lots of grey, 3) Things blending together w/o clearly definable borders, and 4) No detail in the icons. In all seriousness and no exageration here, it's a bit hard to imagine how a UI can become much worse in terms of accessibility. We really need a VS2010 UI theme complete with the original icons.

  • It took me about 30 seconds to decide that both colour schemes are absolute pants. There is no way I can look at that all day long.

    What on earth was going through the mind of the person who designed this? Fresh air?

    If I produced a UI that was as unusable as that, I'd be fired.

    To anyone who's thinking of downloading this, don't bother, you will be seriously unimpressed with the time you've wasted.

  • This attempted mod is hardly any worse!

  • Please bring color icons back!!! OR AT LEAST GIVE US THE OPTION TO CHOOSE.

  • Microsoft has shot themselves.  They desperately wanted Metro to work out.  But for that to happen, developers need to write metro apps.

    But we all hate the UI for Visual Studio, and it has the "Metro" tag on it.  That emotion bleeds over to Metro in general.

    I have never developed anything in Metro, but I already don't like it.  Part of this is because of my negative feelings for the UI.  (The other part is that it threatens to obsolete my .NET UI expertise.)

    They should not have forced the Metro UI issue in visual studio.  They killed the bigger issue to try and win the smaller one.

  • Alright, here I go again with yet another pointless rant that will likely be read and laughed at by someone(s) at MS...

    You are lucky I live in New Zealand and not Seattle, as I would probably turn up at MS HQ and go postal if I had a chance.

    So to reiterate what everyone thinks (excluding n00bs and hipsters):

    UI is a joke, not only does it look terrible from an aesthetic point of view, it is (more importantly) unusable from a practical perspective. Specifically the Solution Explorer and Intellisense. I just cannot fathom how this has seen the light of day - it will be the butt of jokes for decades to come and will make Vista look like a roaring success.

    Microsoft's patronising blog posts about "we are listening" etc. are a real slap in the face - you may be listening, but no action or response is forthcoming.

    I almost laughed/cried when I saw the .js icon in Solution Explorer RTM - it is just so amateurish looking that it has to be a joke, right?

    Google and Apple will be laughing all the way to the bank.

    20 years of continuous VS improvements ends here, dead in its tracks.

  • @Rolf "Merging the old Pending Changes window into the Team Explorer window is really a disaster. Please fix ASAP. It is like using the point of a screw driver to hammer a nail."

    Yes it is quite difficult to use efficiently. Is there a way or an addin to enable the legacy pending changes interface?

  • 1.  Just installed this to start looking at the dev effort to migrate a solution with 350 projects in it.

    2.  My eyes are now killing me.

    3.  I can't find anything in the solution explorer without squinting and peering into the fog of the ui.

    4.  Give me some colour, it's 2012, I have a monitor with squillions of colors, and you're using about 4 of them.

    In all seriousness, this is truly unusable, I am astounded, and not in a good way.

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