Visual Studio 2012 released to the web!

Visual Studio 2012 released to the web!

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On August 15th, we announced the release of Visual Studio 2012 to the web! Make sure to visit Somasegar’s Blog for the announcement, and if you haven’t downloaded yet, check out Jason Zander’s Blog for 12 reasons to upgrade. There was a lot of buzz across the blogs, so here’s a rollup of additional posts you might want to read about the release:

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MSDN Subscribers can download from the MSDN Subscriber Download Page. For free trial and Express versions, these releases are available on our Visual Studio product website.

To learn more about Visual Studio 2012, join us on September 12th for the Visual Studio 2012 Launch event online at

As always, we want to hear your suggestions or feature ideas/improvements so please add your suggestions to UserVoice or vote on other user’s suggestions.


Cathy Sullivan (Program Manager) and the Visual Studio Team

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  • I think there is enough said about the UI. You finally prove Steve Job's statement about Microsoft having no taste.

    But now the more important things for the daily work:

    The TFS Explorer is a mess. Especially pending changes view.

    Almost all grouping options are gone: Test Cases, Code Analyses Results, ...

    Macros are gone. What the...?!? Do you really expect me to write a full blown AddIn to do some simple Automation?

    Lack of XP Target Support. Don't tell me XP is dead. Go tell my customers, because the apparently don't know about.

    Ans most important: DONT TELL US YOU ARE LISTENING.

    You don't, because you can't. Your Management has decided to turn MS products into "something looking cool like Apple or Google". Guess What? I dont give a biep if an IDE is looking cool.

  • @Joerg "I dont give a biep if an IDE is looking cool." -- And it's faaaaarrr from cool. More like annoying, frustrating, aggravating, straining (on the eyes), depressing, morbid, unintuitive, boring, unproductive,,,,,,,......

    Microsoft: Who (a person's name please) would you suggest we write to express our feeling on the UI? Now that's a simple question you should be able to answer here.



  • What's really messed up (from my viewpoint), is after VS6.... the Visual Studio team's health because truly visible through the lack of Services Packs (major bug-fix updates).  If you can SP what you ship, your team/process is seriously ailing.  Now 1 token SP per major release.  And honestly, the only reason I'd purchase a VS major release is for bug fixes + perf improvements.  But I'm not interested in living in a metro-inspired Ballmer experiment (Ballm-TRO), to get bug fixes and perf increases.  There's a whole lot of baggage in VS2012 (dropped XP support, pre-school UI, plus the usual rash of regressions, etc).  Sorry for being so critical, but really - you guys aren't listening.  Developers! Developers! Developers!  yay right.

  • This is from a very respected and well known source:

    Icons are symbolic images—they should look better than photorealistic! Well-designed icons:

    a) Improve the visual communication of your program.

    b) Strongly impact users' overall impression of your program's visual design, and appreciation for its fit-and-finish.

    c) Improve usability by making programs, objects, and actions easier to identify, learn, and find.

    So the new UI fails 2 of the 3 criteria above. But hey it does succeed in item 'b' by making a STRONG IMPACT on our impression. So can anyone guess where the above came from?

  • People:

    Microsoft has released a 'theme editor' for VS2012 and it's pretty nice, as we now have granular control over the colors in our envt. So I'd like to say thank you to Matthew Johnson and to Microsoft for listening to the dev community and responding with a great solution - Here's that link:

    Also here's the link outlining how to restore a proper case command (menu) bar:

    The only other outstanding item is to provide us with ability to restore the original iconography. While I would like to see a complete restoration (all icons restored), the most pressing and of most concern is the solution explorer.



  • ITMAGE: Icons & colors are far from everything. The custom chrome also has to be restored to properly respecting the Windows theme. It should, at the very least, have correct borders and a reasonable title bar.

  • @GUI : I agree and would like to see a full restoration of a VS2010 theme which respects aero. However I find that it's a wee bit more usable now; but those lame silent movie charlie chaplin like wannabe icons just drag me down. But yeah the chrome, the title bar and transparency effects and such should be restored as well. Truth be told I'm still not going to use VS2012 in it's current from unless I'm left with zero choice. VS2010 is by far more pleasant to use.

  • VS2012 has alot of great features.  I totally hate (can't stress that enough) the decision to eliminate color icons in both the toolbar and the solution explorer.  Changing icons that have been familiar for years in VS and removing both color and detail is a rookie GUI mistake.  After using vs2012 this from it's first betas until now, I still cannot find my way around a large project in the solution explorer without tedious reading (all the folders/expandable things blend into the same feel).  I sometimes find myself using vs2010 when I simply get too UI weary to continue using vs2012.  Thumbs down. Sorry, big fail here.

  • I really love developing in VS and MS you make GREAT Tools.... but why on earth did you give me a GUI in which I can't distinguish the icon's any more <cry> Really my eyes can't handle the new theme.... I spent most of my time looking / understanding where to click etc....

    I've sadly uninstalled 2012 and resumed with 2010 and I hope a VS 2010 theme in 2012 is possible in the future (with the old icons) so I don't have to wait for the next release of VS to see a GUI I can be productive in again.

  • I am having issues with the look and feel of VS2012 and it makes me want to close it and go back to VS2010 which is very appealing, productive and fun to work with. The new UX in VS2012 is very poor and I am very disappointed. I have used every Microsoft IDE since 1998 and VS2010 is still the best while VS2012 is visually the worst. I hate the Metro look.

  • I really like what MS does, I'm also one of the few people who have a windows phone and i love it. But with the new VS2012 UI microsoft did something really bad. Its not about nice or ugly or something that u just need to get used to, its just muddled.

    Even if you try to get used to the new icons, there is almost no color in it so that you can distinct one icon from another icon very fast like it was possible in the past Visual Studio versions. The same with the window elements. Seems like all borders have been gone and you are just left with black text and black icons on white background. Please provide at least the possibility to switch back to the VS2010 UI (including borders, icons, etc.)

    Thanks, Tom

  • So doing a quick find if you click fast on the -> arrow the bar above the search window expands sometime and you could accidentally be hitting replace instead of next, which is VERY BAD because if you're doing it fast the two operations look identical. WTF. why would you make the search window move?

  • Just for the record - I've been strongly against new black/white theme, but after upgrading I noticed real improvements in speed of build, debug etc. It's a shame that it is a bit spoiled but in fairness members of VS team did a good job in all areas apart from new visual design.

  • Fix the design mode for ! It is horrible when it can't handle the css and layouts properly !!! This has been ongoing for ten years or so, when is it going to show things properly ??

  • I'm not touching that ugly thing any time soon. Some people know nothing about common sense.

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