Visual Studio 2012 Update 1 is here

Visual Studio 2012 Update 1 is here

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Today, the Visual Studio 2012 Update 1 (Visual Studio 2012.1) is available for download. You can get it now via the Visual Studio 2012.1 download page (see "Visual Studio 2012 Update 1" under the "Additional software" section).

For an overview of the main updates included in Visual Studio 2012.1, please visit Soma’s blog. As he mentions in his post, “This [update] isn’t just about bug fixes, though it contains plenty of those (Visual Studio 2012.1 includes more than a 100 fixes to measurably address issues reported through Connect and Windows Error Reporting). This update delivers a wealth of new functionality into Visual Studio 2012, across all of our products.”

In particular, you can find a comprehensive outline of the new functionality available for Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate in the update on the Visual Studio ALM + TFS Blog.

If you encounter a bug or an issue, please report it through the Visual Studio, LightSwitch, and Blend Connect sites. As always, we want to hear your suggestions or feature ideas/improvements so please add your suggestions to UserVoice or vote on other user’s suggestions.


The Visual Studio Team

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  • I don't see any reason to report Visual Studio bugs because Visual Studio team doesn't fix them. Even critical issues with stable reproduction script like  #765880 (

  • Are my comments getting posted?

    Is there an offline installer somewhere? Apologies if duplicated, never know whether this comment thing works on MSDN blogs :(

  • +1 to the offline installer.  Hard to install updates when dev workstations don't have Internet connectivity.  At least there's a workaround for nuget packages.

  • Aha!  The installer has a /layout parameter that allows you to download the files on a computer that has internet access.  You can then transfer those files elsewhere.

  • @Greg W

    Thanks for that. Don't know why MS can't provide these directly.

    Don't know how many times I have to reiterate to MS YOUR CUSTOMERS ARE NOT ALL INTERNET CONNECTED AT ALL TIMES!!




  • Just tried offline install using /layout generated files; got about half way and then failed looking for some msi file that wasn't among the ones extracted.

    Did anyone else get it to work, or find a link to a complete offline installer?

  • The /layout parameter worked flawlessly for me on multiple dev workstations here.  I didn't even need to specify any parameters.  The installer notices the packages folder and uses the data accordingly.

  • @LMK,  can you let me know what file it is reporting missing during the install?  You may need to try the /layout command again.  Also, make sure that the location you are running the offline install from has a folder in it named "packages".  If it does not, you are not running from the downloaded location.

    Rob Caron posted a nice blog post that goes through getting and using the /layout option step by step:



  • Why Minesweeper is not in the Windows Store in Italy. Sorry the off topic. Good Jobs.

  • Update 1 removes all extensions. After I installed VS2012 Update 1, all my extensions were removed. Is this a known problem. How can one avoid it?

  • Is now borked.  Local help files, non-default location.  Once again, dead in the water.  How about some basis testing before doing these thing, huh?

  • @David Guyer

    Looks like my /layout only did a half baked extract, I only had 4 subfolders in Packages, when the screenshot on that blog shows many.

    Will run again and see what happens...

  • @David Guyer

    Still won't download everything using /layout. Maybe because I'm on XP? (work PC)

    See here for what I get:

  • @David Guyer

    Oops never mind, I had a couple of VSUpdate_kbXXXXXX.exe files in my downloads folder, and was running the wrong one from command prompt, doh!

  • @Ricky Helgesson:

    We've not heard reports of problems with extensions after isntalling Update 1. Can you follow up on the Visual Studio extensibility forum: ? We'll need to know which extensions were installed before upgrade, which were missing, what O/S and architecture you were running on, and the Visual Studio product (Pro, Premium or Ultimate) where you saw the problem.


    Matt Kaufman

    Visual Studio Platform, IDE Services

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