Visual Studio 2012 Update 2 is here

Visual Studio 2012 Update 2 is here

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We’re excited to announce that today, Visual Studio 2012 Update 2 (VS2012.2) is now available for download.

For an overview of the five areas of investments in VS2012.2 that we made across agile planning, quality enablement, Windows Store development, line-of-business development, and the general developer experience, please visit Soma’s blog. In particular, you can find an outline of the new functionality and issues we’ve fixed in Visual Studio 2012 Update 2 and comprehensive details on the respective blogs below:

If you encounter a bug or an issue, please report it through the Visual Studio, LightSwitch, and Blend Connect sites. As always, we want to hear your suggestions or feature ideas/improvements so please tell us on UserVoice or vote on other user’s suggestions.


The Visual Studio Team

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  • indicates that the C++11 features from the CTP are not in this release.

    Those features are really the main thing I'm looking forward to at this point.  

  • Downloaded the standalone installer (took two tries as it froze the first time during the download). Launched the downloaded installer and it made it almost to the end (says Applying: Microsoft Visual Studio Preparation) and is frozen with three non moving blue dots in the progress bar (overnight).

  • hi all,

    please i must have update 1 installed or not ???

  • Thanks for the info. More exiting features on this release such as  agile planning and testing  can be found on Brain's post and

  • no offline(iso, zip) download,

    current download saved the bandwidth, but waste more time. Which is more expensive nowadays?

  • @Fei:

    To Download the Product Layout for Offline Installation:

    -This will enable you to download a complete local copy to your computer. You can run Setup later without contacting the Internet, or you can copy and paste the installation layout in another location.

    -On this page, choose the Download button.

    -Choose the Save button.

    -Once the download is complete, open a command prompt, navigate to the download location, and run VS2012.2.exe /layout

    -Specify where to download the files and click the Download button

    Once downloaded, you can run VS2012.2.exe from the download location to install the update.

  • Before U2 once in every 100 or so starts all my in-edit files would be gone (as in, no tabs, etc.).  Now, every start it's empty.  Also, the tabs still disappear during use on occasion; I have to un-pin this or that, or move this or that tab to a different location, for the tabs to appear again.  Very annoying features you put in this thing.

  • Why do you not offer a full download of the upload and instead seem to require a process of googling the web for the required command line or method to acquire the full download.  It's just strange and unproductive.

  • Is Update 1 needed to be preinstalled?

  • I as well am interested whether there is any schedule on the November CTP which includes the C++11 features. This should be your key priority.

  • @Ahmed Amin and @vctorwoo, Update 1 is not a pre-req, Update 1 is included in Update 2 so you just need to install Update 2.

  • Hello @S. Colcord, @Alessio T, @JB:

    The VSUpdate 2 does not include the C++11 features released in the C++ Compiler November CTP. We are still working on finalizing these features. We will have more information about their timeline soon. Stay tuned

  • The amd64 compiler is still not fully updated.

    cl.exe is still version 50727, but the other files such as c1.dll are at version 60315.

    When compiling _MSC_FULL_VER is reported as 170050727

    I though this "X64-based Visual C++ tool set does not contain all cumulative fixes for the x86-based Visual C++ tool set in Visual Studio 2012 updates" was supposed to fix this issue.

  • Bug on HiDPI displays, the callstack and watchlist is not readable:

  • @Martin - Thanks for pointing out the high DPI issue with the Call Stack and Autos Tool Windows. We have an internal bug tracking this and are working on addressing it.


    Cathy Sullivan

    VS IDE Team

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