Announcing availability of ISOs for Visual Studio Updates

Announcing availability of ISOs for Visual Studio Updates

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Last month, we shipped Visual Studio 2012 Update 2 (VS2012.2). We’re continuing to see good uptake of the Update releases, with the majority of Visual Studio 2012 users now running on VS Update. We’re also hearing positive feedback on the VS Update cadence, and the ongoing improvements that it brings to Visual Studio customers.

Many customers have been installing Visual Studio Updates from the “toast” pop-up notification or from the Extensions and Updates dialog. This continues to be the simplest option. The installer downloads only the components you need (based on your current VS installed configuration), and then installs the bits as they’re received. This approach often provides a very good experience, but it does require being connected to the internet for the duration of the install. Because a connection isn’t always available, the installer also supports a /layout flag, which downloads all of the bits proactively to enable subsequent offline installation. For more details on using this option, please see “How to install Visual Studio Update 2 Offline”, as referenced in the Visual Studio 2012 Update 2 KB.

In tracking the release feedback, we’ve also observed a set of users requesting an ISO image as an alternative way to download the update. The primary reasons we’ve seen for such requests are familiarity both with the format and with various download management tools. While our download telemetry shows a higher historical success rate for downloads occurring via the Visual Studio installer versus single, large ISO files, we recognize that the convenience of the ISO format may better meet some customers’ overall deployment needs. We are therefore happy to announce that we have built an ISO image for Visual Studio 2012 Update 2 and made it available for download!

We also plan to ship ISO images for the RTM version of future Visual Studio updates, in addition to the existing distribution mechanism we already provide. We hope you will enjoy this additional option for downloading Visual Studio Updates.



Eric Knox – Development Manager, Visual Studio

Short Bio: Eric has been at Microsoft for 19 years, working on various parts of Visual Studio for the last 15 years. His current role is the development manager in charge of performance, reliability and acquisition of Visual Studio.

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  • Now, how about a Start menu in 8.  ... we're waiting.

  • If you are a C++ programmer, and especially if you have C++/CLI code, you might want to hold off on Update 2.  There are problems in debugging.  And, if you install Update 2 and decide you don't like it, think twice about trying to uninstall it.  My colleague was down a long time trying to get his system working again.  This quarterly update thing is a great idea, but you can't do it if the updates are going to regress in key areas, and we need a clean uninstall process for these things in the event that we do find problems.

  • The release notes for Update 3 CTP 1 shed some light on C++ issues in Visual Studio 2012 Update 2 and earlier.

    "Fixed issues"

    * 751327: Slow performance when you debug the managed code in a mixed-mode C++ application

    * When you call the EndDialog function from inside the OnInitDialog function in an MFC application, the OnInitDialog function is invoked again.

  • Thank you for doing this. The "/layout" workaround was tiresome (and slow to populate), a proper ISO is the way to go.

  • Thanks very much! Those of us who need to do multiple installs really appreciate the ISO.

  • will there be a "Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012 Update 2"?

  • Thanks for the head's up

    I guess I won't be porting the MFC apps over in the near future then.

    Other problems include targeting XP which is now broken in release 2.

  • And SHA-1 file checksum of the ISO file?

  • Why do we need to have all the language packs, not all of us have unlimited download limits.

  • Thanks for grudgingly providing ISOs finally.

    Now can we please have this bug fixed in an update, it is driving me mental:

  • Awesome. I hope in future, you'll release the ISO at the same time.

  • this is really good one , thank you very much..



  • Happy to see the news. I'm expecting the same for visual studio update 1....

  • perfect stuff for the school i work at and to burn at home :) i like .iso <3

  • @Tom Kirby-Green and @Peter van der Goes: please recognize that the /layout option is still our preferred option over ISO images for doing multiple installs, mainly because our data shows a higher download success rate and the /layout path also does better early failure detection than an ISO install will. But having said that, I’m glad it will help you be more successful.

    @Maximilian Haru Raditya: the info for this ISO is:

       SHA: F8F1FB3665CF7D4918FDFFBBAE16D351F14A1ECA

       CRC: A9B49F56

    All: I received offline feedback that the text above wasn’t clear enough, so I wanted to explicitly say that when we ship ISO images with future updates, the links to those images (and their SHA/CRC info) will be on the official download page. This particular ISO for Visual Studio 2012 Update 2 is linked only from this blog simply because it’s the first one we’ve built for updates, and we felt it was better to start smaller in case there are any issues we discover and need to resolve before we publish the next update with its ISO image.

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