Visual Studio 2013 Preview Available Now!

Visual Studio 2013 Preview Available Now!

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Today in the keynote at BUILD we announced the availability of Visual Studio 2013 Preview that can be downloaded here. Make sure to visit Somasegar's blog for a look at what's new in this release of Visual Studio and you can also find additional resources on getting started with Visual Studio 2013 Preview, on MSDN.

Windows 8.1 Preview can be downloaded at To learn more about what's new in this release of windows check out the Windows 8.1 Preview Announcement.

Since we shipped Visual Studio 2012 last year, we have released three Visual Studio Updates that address key customer feedback and add new value. Now with Visual Studio 2013 Preview, things keep getting better.

The first new thing you’ll notice is right when you start Visual Studio 2013 Preview for the first time: you’ll be invited to sign in to Visual Studio with a Microsoft Account.


In following posts we’ll tell you more about the capabilities associated with sign in; a notable one is that we’ll remember important settings. As you move between desktop and laptop or home and work Visual Studio will keep these settings in sync and make getting the next device setup even easier.

Another difference you’ll notice from our last pre-releases is that this one has a trial period that lets you use the product for 14 days without signing in. After the 14 day trial you’ll be asked to sign in with your Microsoft account to continue using the Preview. Because we think sign-in and its related capabilities will be used by many of our users, our goal is to make sure our online services can handle the load properly. By signing in to this pre-release you’ll help ensure we are ready to scale out and support millions of connected users by the time we ship. When we release the final version of Visual Studio 2013 you will still be able use product keys to unlock Visual Studio Pro, Premium, and Ultimate, like you could in Visual Studio 2012, no sign in required.

Stay tuned to this blog for more articles in the coming weeks that talk about all the new features in depth. Also make sure to check out our other blogs that will have lots of news and updates about Visual Studio 2013 Preview:

The all-important - Feedback!

Your feedback is important to us and is always an input to the design of features and improvements. This release of Visual Studio 2013 Preview is no different. We hope you will give it a try and send us feedback. We read every comment!

  • Connect for bugs: If you find bugs or encounter something that doesn't work as expected, please file a bug at Visual Studio Connect site.
  • UserVoice for suggestion: If you have a suggestion for a new feature or improvements to existing features, take a look at our User Voice site where you can vote on other user suggestions and add your own suggestion too.
  • Forums for Q&A: For any Q&A and discussions please visit the forums.
  • Support for in-production issues: If you face any in-production issues please visit the support site. Please be mindful that this is strictly for in-production and not for bugs, suggestions, or discussions.

Thanks for trying out Visual Studio 2013 Preview!

The Visual Studio Team

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  • let's look to C++11 support..

    PS: VS 2012 update 3 is available too..

  • Just curious, is this going to be an upgrade of VS 2012 or a completely new version?

  • NO I don't want to sign in with a Microsoft Account so you can share my personal information with your government and violate my privacy. I would just like to pay you a hefty amount of money, and then you can leave me alone while I write code on my own machine.

  • Wonderful. Product Activation and DRM baked in to this release. Meanwhile, in other news, Apple ships XCode free to any interested Mac owner...

    No thanks, Microsoft. This sign-in business should be completely OPTIONAL!

  • @Eric - Visual Studio 2013 Preview installs side by side with VS 2012.

  • Nice..

  • Most important information is still missing in this post: Which are the new features offered by VS 2013? Are any features, that are offered by VS 2012, removed in the new version? And just for my personal interest: What about support for creating installers?

  • Umm, you really expect enterprises to go get their developers Microsoft accounts and set up the keys on them so people can sign in for Visual Studio?

    Sometimes I just don't understand how priorities are set over there in Redmond.

  • When installing Ultimate 2013 Preview, I get the warning "Microsoft Root Certificate Authority 2010 or 2011 is missing" and I get directed to Seems harmless, but I don't understand why it would give this warning since this is a Microsoft product?

  • Read carefully folks, Microsoft Account sign-in will not be required for the final version: "When we release the final version of Visual Studio 2013 you will still be able use product keys to unlock Visual Studio Pro, Premium, and Ultimate, like you could in Visual Studio 2012, no sign in required."

  • Now that Sinofsky with his Metro madness has gone, can you at last lower the case of the menus?

  • And we look forward to seeing you!  Sign up! Log in! Tunr out!  We got your backs!

  • .NET is very powerful and very flexible environment for developer, researchers. I love Microsoft Technology.....

  • Can I install VS 2013 on windows 8? I tried loading some samples in VS 2013 and it complained that my windows version is incompatible.

    Is VS 2013 Windows 8.1 only?

  • @Yaakov - nice statement

    They added more colored icons to VS 2013, and looks much better than raw VS 2012

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