Visual Studio 2013 Preview Available Now!

Visual Studio 2013 Preview Available Now!

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Today in the keynote at BUILD we announced the availability of Visual Studio 2013 Preview that can be downloaded here. Make sure to visit Somasegar's blog for a look at what's new in this release of Visual Studio and you can also find additional resources on getting started with Visual Studio 2013 Preview, on MSDN.

Windows 8.1 Preview can be downloaded at To learn more about what's new in this release of windows check out the Windows 8.1 Preview Announcement.

Since we shipped Visual Studio 2012 last year, we have released three Visual Studio Updates that address key customer feedback and add new value. Now with Visual Studio 2013 Preview, things keep getting better.

The first new thing you’ll notice is right when you start Visual Studio 2013 Preview for the first time: you’ll be invited to sign in to Visual Studio with a Microsoft Account.


In following posts we’ll tell you more about the capabilities associated with sign in; a notable one is that we’ll remember important settings. As you move between desktop and laptop or home and work Visual Studio will keep these settings in sync and make getting the next device setup even easier.

Another difference you’ll notice from our last pre-releases is that this one has a trial period that lets you use the product for 14 days without signing in. After the 14 day trial you’ll be asked to sign in with your Microsoft account to continue using the Preview. Because we think sign-in and its related capabilities will be used by many of our users, our goal is to make sure our online services can handle the load properly. By signing in to this pre-release you’ll help ensure we are ready to scale out and support millions of connected users by the time we ship. When we release the final version of Visual Studio 2013 you will still be able use product keys to unlock Visual Studio Pro, Premium, and Ultimate, like you could in Visual Studio 2012, no sign in required.

Stay tuned to this blog for more articles in the coming weeks that talk about all the new features in depth. Also make sure to check out our other blogs that will have lots of news and updates about Visual Studio 2013 Preview:

The all-important - Feedback!

Your feedback is important to us and is always an input to the design of features and improvements. This release of Visual Studio 2013 Preview is no different. We hope you will give it a try and send us feedback. We read every comment!

  • Connect for bugs: If you find bugs or encounter something that doesn't work as expected, please file a bug at Visual Studio Connect site.
  • UserVoice for suggestion: If you have a suggestion for a new feature or improvements to existing features, take a look at our User Voice site where you can vote on other user suggestions and add your own suggestion too.
  • Forums for Q&A: For any Q&A and discussions please visit the forums.
  • Support for in-production issues: If you face any in-production issues please visit the support site. Please be mindful that this is strictly for in-production and not for bugs, suggestions, or discussions.

Thanks for trying out Visual Studio 2013 Preview!

The Visual Studio Team

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  • I tried it and seen cshtml kind of files not work. Do this support MVC 3.

  • @kris - Please try installing ASP.NET MVC 3:


    Cathy Sullivan

    VS Program Manager

  • Do anyone know (or have an estimative) of when will be the release date of the "gold" version of Visual Studio 2013?

    I was going to buy VS 2012, do you know if it is better to wait for the VS 2013?

  • Why submit anything when you don't listen? I personally don't know anyone who likes the VS 2012 UI, including a team at my company that uses it for all development. I'm sure there are a few that do like it, so why not give developers a choice of the current color/windowing scheme and being able to use one the same as VS 2010?

    Oh, and you still haven't fixed editing icons in the toolbar. Getting a little tired of using initials for buttons.

  • ISO its not working ...

  • ISO its not working unable to install the VS2013

  • Any news on 2013 pricing yet?  Having just spent $499 on 2012 Pro less than a year ago, the cost of keeping current is looking very expensive.  If you are going to release this every year will there be a Visual Studio 365 like Office 365?  Office Pro is ~$500 that you can subscribe to for $99/year.  Will Visual Studio Pro offer a similar $99/year pricing scheme?

  • What Anwar A. said.

    I just bought VS2012 Pro for $724 AUD yesterday. With yearly releases (vs every 2nd year) the cost of staying up to date with VS just doubled.

  • @Cathy,

    Thanks for link. in my Visual Web 12 I already have it. Do I still need to install it. Is this work in Visual web 13 preview.

  • The upgrade is free for all coming from 2012 versions so long as it is Express.

  • I look forward to this...... I wonder what it will be like

  • can we use preview for actual development of our products?

  • Sometimes when installing a new package via NuGet Console in VS 2013 Preview, there popups an error message: Recursive read lock acquisitions not allowed in this mode. Not being able to modify .csproj file in the solution.

  • Live Webinar

    Wed, 3rd July 2013 • 12:00 (BST)

    Testhouse Live Webinar in partnership with Microsoft on Visual Studio 2012 New Updates and Features Available Now

    We are focusing on some of the new features of VS2012 such as SharePoint Testing Development, TFS 2012 and will also provide a brief overview of the new "Visual Studio 2013".

  • Microsoft needs to define and clearly say that this core company-wide design principles like Metro UI, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows Phone, Office 2013, Visual Studio is here to stay definitely and has no intentions to  change it or design another beauty and productivity user interface, migrating all Microsoft products to this UGLY user interface.

    Microsoft needs to define and clearly say that has no intentions and anymore develop a desktop OS without Metro.

    Microsoft needs to define and clearly say about this things to allow users for searching another alternatives for other companies instead of waiting for Microsoft doing changes that will never come.

    All old Microsoft users need to undestand that Microsoft is no longer a software company. Is now a company of devices and services and no more a software company. In these messages, where we are discussing a software product (Visual Studio) and we are complaining that Microsoft does not listen to users. Well, all its ok, Microsoft no need to listen users about a software product because is no longer a software company. Is only a company of devices and services flat and fluid. I think that Visual Studio is only a tool for Microsoft that allow users develop apps that Microsoft serves as a service through Windows Store. And its more interested on align the design of this tool with our designs, instead on the productivity. But the main interest of Microsoft is not in our software, is in our devices and services flat and fluid.

    If all of us need a good software product to programming, developing and compiling applications, it is time to  search and find for a good software company. Not a devices and services company, flat and fluid.

    All our complaints here do not make sense for a company that is no longer a software development company.

    Thanks Microsoft for all the software you have developed until 2010. They've been really good products that have made ​​life easier for everyone. I've always really really liked all your programs from Windows 3.0 to Windows XP, although Windows Vista and Windows 7 started to decay and disappoint. You should not have left the initial development of Longhorn. Since Word and Excel 1.0 to Office 2010 from Visual Basic 3.0 and Visual C + + 4.2 to Visual Studio 2010.

    But for now, no need for devices or services. Goodbye Microsoft.

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